ICBA Payments

Marketing Resources

These resources, including links to pertinent online sites, a glossary of industry terms and several sample letters, surveys and analysis work sheets, offers a how-to for community banks focused on developing and maintaining a profitable card business.

Marketing Manual

ICBA Payments is pleased to introduce a definitive resource for winning strategies and best practices for your bank’s card program.

Card Basics

Establishing an image brand for your community bank and credit card to better position your product in the marketplace.


Identify signs of at-risk accounts, neutralize problems and increase cardholder satisfaction.


Stimulate usage by rewarding your cardholders every time they use your card.


Maximize your bottom line by motivating cardholders to activate their cards and purging your files of long-term inactives.

Marketing and Messaging Guides and Assets

In collaboration with Visa, ICBA Payments has developed a suite of free marketing and messaging guides to help your bank drive revenue through contactless, small business, and eCommerce strategy and outreach.