Mitigate Risk & Fraud

Limit your bank's exposure to losses through unnecessary risk and potential fraud threats

Risk Mitigation

Outsmarting cybercriminals starts with understanding their ever-evolving approach to fraud and maintaining comprehensive controls to prevent damage to your bank and customers.

Fraud Loss Protection Program

As a participant in ICBA Payments' Fraud Loss Protection Plan, you can mitigate your exposure to losses arising from the fraudulent use of credit or debit cards.

FLPP Claims Portal

ICBA Payments Fraud Claims Reporting System: FLPP participants can quickly and accurately upload fraud claims, review the status of any pending claims, and view and print all related fraud claim information in one convenient location.

Breach & Cyber Alerts

ICBA's member exclusive Cyber & Data Security Toolkit can help your bank educate customers and be ready to face cyber and data security threats or breaches.