Payments One

Your Bank’s Transition to
FIS Payments One Credit

The Payments One Credit (P1C) platform brings new efficiencies to managing your bank’s credit card program with more features and benefits.

The information provided on this page pertains only to TBS banks migrating to the Payments One Credit (P1C) platform. ICBA Payments banks will be migrated to P1C in waves. Consult your FIS and ICBA Payments communications to confirm your migration date; you will be notified 6 months prior to your migration date.

This page is a one-stop migration resource. You’ll find:

  • New Financial Services Agreement (FSA) documents

  • Videos on the migration, new FSA, and benefits of P1C

  • FIS bulletins on P1C migration (current wave only)

  • Understanding the relationship between your bank, FIS and ICBA Payments

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ICBA Payments P1C Migration Tools

  • Step 1: Sign New Financial Services Agreement
  • Step 2: Get to Know Payments One Credit
  • Step 3: Prepare for Payments One Credit Migration
Card Payments

Step One

Sign New Financial Services Agreement with DocuSign

An updated Financial Services Agreement (FSA) must be executed in order to continue receiving ICBA Payments negotiated pricing, benefits, and incentives. The new FSA provides new terminology, services, and migration incentives for the new platform. Your customized DocuSign package will be sent 3 months before your migration date. Below is a list of the documents that will be included and require execution with DocuSign:

Card Payments

Step Two

Get to Know Payments One Credit

ICBA Payments developed a series of videos to help you navigate your transition to Payments One Credit. Watch these videos to learn about your bank’s migration, the value of this partnership, and the updated Financial Services Agreement (FSA).


Exclusive Incentives

ICBA Payments negotiated special incentives for TBS banks, available after migration:

  • No BIN implementation fees for one new 8-digit BIN. A cost savings of $3,250.

  • No conversion fees if you choose to convert your 6-digit BINs to 8-digit BINs, saving your bank $52.50 per BIN.

  • The use of FIS’ Payments Edge Marketing program (Premium Strategic Package) at no cost for 1 year, a value of $3,500.

  • No monthly additional user fee for banks using “eZBusiness for Financials” which is currently $750 to $2,500 per user.

  • And new, discounted implementation fees for eZBusiness 2.0.

These benefits represent cost savings of $7,500 or more!

** All incentives apply to current term of agreement.

Questions about the P1C migration,
new FSA, or the DocuSign email?

Contact ICBA Payments' Client Relations department for assistance:
[email protected]

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