Social Media for Pro-Community Bank Advocacy

Social media can be a powerful platform to share your bank’s unique story. Creating a plan to connect with your lawmakers on social media ahead of a scheduled meeting also allows you to effectively communicate your stance on important issues affecting your bank and community.

Consider the following three-step approach to maximize your bank visit or meeting.

Prepare Ahead of Time

  • Look up your lawmakers’ social media handles here.
  • Make your voice heard on social media so policymakers know where your bank stands on key issues.
  • Use the hashtag #BankLocally so others can learn and be inspired by your efforts and impact.

Follow Key Influencers

  • Try this list of financial regulators on Twitter.
  • Take a look at this list of accounts on Twitter from Capitol Hill.
  • Follow financial reporters for the latest news.

Contact ICBA for Assistance

ICBA will be following the conversations and highlighting member meetings using the hashtag #BankLocally. Don’t forget to tag @ICBA so we can retweet! Customize the following tweets and add handles for policymakers you are meeting with for even more exposure.

#CommunityBanks are difference makers. That’s why it’s important we share our challenges and impact w/ [Policymaker Twitter Handle Here]

#CommunityBanks do right by customers and help make Main Street a better place to live and work #BankLocally

We’re joining community bankers across the nation in hosting our member of Congress so we can share our story! #BankLocally

For additional tips on scheduling, and conducting and promoting in-district meetings with members of Congress, check out ICBA’s “Meetings on Main Street” guide.