Leveraging Video

On social media, live video is a great way to extend your bank’s human touch to audience members and convey your authentic story. In addition to helping you nurture and build relationships, live video offers you the opportunity to gather feedback from your audience in real-time, while giving you the option to highlight your story live while also allowing your audience to play back.

Video Dos and Don’ts:

  • DO: Keep videos under 2 minutes
  • DO: Add closed captioning to be ADA compliant + people love watching video clips on social without sound as they scroll. YouTube will automatically provide you with some closed captioning options.
  • DON’T: have videos auto-play on your website–this can be annoying to users. There is a setting on YouTube that will allow you to select how you would like the video to play on the site.
  • DO: Use your smartphone. It can make high quality videos. Tip: If you go this route invest in a smartphone microphone/lavalier extension.
  • DO: Ensure you have good lighting. When taking a video, try not to face the light but have the light behind you. This way your subject is illuminated.
  • DO: Use horizontal orientation (not vertical) when filming on a mobile device.

Use and Share these Videos