TCM Bank Agent Credit Program


No-Risk Credit Issuing with TCM Bank's Total Card Management® Program

TCM Bank is a limited-purpose credit card bank wholly owned by ICBA Bancard. Through its Total Card Management program, TCM Bank helps your community bank provide a credit card option to your customers using branded cards while limiting your expenses and exposure to risk. TCM offers consumer and small business agent credit card options that are supported by a dedicated client services team, staff training, promotions, and branded marketing materials.

About our no-risk credit program: 

  • Customizable programs to fit your bank's needs
  • No-risk and zero liability with revenue share
  • Market competitive product suite for consumer and business cards
  • Rewards options, including cash back
  • White-label branding to help strengthen your bank's brand in the community
  • Turnkey marketing and online applications
  • Staff education and compliance support

Thinking About Selling Your Portfolio? 

Portfolio Purchasing: TCM Bank is the only purchaser of credit card portfolios dedicated to helping you, not competing with you. If we purchase your portfolio, you can continue providing branded cards without losing control of your customer base.

Benefits of TCM Bank's Agent Credit Program

  • More than 19 years of credit and issuing experience
  • Partnerships with more than 750 financial institutions across the U.S., servicing more than 300,000 cardholders
  • Exemplary cardholder service

Let's Get Started
  • A 'safe harbor' solution with zero customer cross-selling
  • Option of portfolio buy-back