A community-bank friendly mobile app that supports today’s cardholder needs.

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Introducing Ondot Card App

OndotA mobile app that allows cardholders to track, manage and control card-based payments in real time, from anywhere.

With card use skyrocketing, consumers need a dedicated mobile experience to keep up with the fast pace of payments.

Brought to you by Ondot and ICBA Bancard, Ondot Card App provides a robust set of card management tools that empower cardholders to stay actively engaged in real time with all their payment cards.

Demo and Overview of the Card App

Ondot Mobile AppEngaging Digital Experiences

Tech giants like Apple, Amazon and Google are entering the payments space without much knowledge about payments, and applying their expertise in creating simple and meaningful consumer experiences. Imagine the potential if your bank could combine these nimble, consumer-focused principles to their payments world!

Well, now you can.

With Ondot Card App, banks can offer cardholders an intuitive blend of contextual engagements, rich data and self-service tools to make the right choice at the right time – in real time – for their debit and credit card accounts.

Everyday Use App

From using and managing a new digital card to understanding their spend, Card App is a highly engaging everyday app for any consumer who has a credit or debit card. By being at the core of every payment, only Ondot offers the ability to track, manage, and respond to transactions instantly, in the moment they are happening. Our solution gives cardholders the visibility and tools to control all card activity – before, during and after a transaction.

15% of banks global payments revenue is likely to be displaced by the growth of digital payments and competition from non-banks.

ICBA Bancard Client Benefits

ICBA Bancard client banks qualify for discounted pricing.

Issuer Benefits

  • Engage more frequently with your cardholders through the app
  • Reduce call volumes with more self-service options
  • Save costs from unnecessary disputes and chargebacks by providing more recognizable transaction data
  • Boost loyalty and keep your card top of wallet and top of mind
Ondot Orange DotDigital Card
Customers are never without their card with digital wallet provisioning.
Ondot Orange DotData Insights
Provide enhanced information through enriched merchant data, recurring payments snapshot and spend analytics.
Ondot Orange DotSelf Service
Cardholders can perform simple tasks anytime, at their convenience.
Ondot Orange DotControls
Ability to control card usage by location, merchant type, spend amounts and more helps prevent fraud.
Ondot Orange DotAlerts
Engage with cardholders through alerts and notifications about card usage.
Ondot Orange DotCredit Wellness
Partnered with Experian so cardholders can view and monitor their credit score within the app. *optional

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