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Automated Card Expert (ACE) Tool

The ACE tool is available exclusively for FIS Direct Credit issuers on an ICBA Bancard program.

ICBA Bancard's Automated Card Expert (ACE) gives you the tools you need to run comprehensive financial analyses of your community bank’s credit card portfolio. Secure and accurate, ACE provides instant data on all of your credit card plans so you can track key activity, thereby improving the profitability and health of your entire program.

ACE was the first tool of its kind designed exclusively for community bank credit card issuers to accurately analyze their new and existing card plans. ACE helps you understand – and reach – the true potential of your bank’s credit portfolio. Plus, ACE is FREE for ICBA Bancard participants!

ACE is a one-of-a-kind tool to help you analyze, compare, simulate and market your credit card portfolio. The Step-by-Step section of ACE is designed for your bank to view key metrics that are important to the health of your portfolio and includes several columns of valuable information such as “Peer Averages,” giving you customizable peer bank data or a default selection of other banks with account totals similar to yours.

Automated Card Expert (ACE) Tool

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ACE Tool Tutorial

ICBA Bancard, in partnership with FIS, has created a free training module to illustrate how community banks can use the Automated Card Expert portfolio analysis tool. In addition to demonstrating the functionality of ACE, the module also offers sections on portfolio planning and goal setting.

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