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Get a Free One-on-One Credit Card Portfolio Analysis

ICBA Bancard offers free an analysis performed by ICBA Bancard staff experts, to provide insights into your credit card portfolio. With data provided by you below, and utilizing our own ACE credit portfolio analysis tool, we provide insights into your portfolio’s accounts, outstanding balances, revenue, and sales volume growth.

We look at both your own year over year trends, and how your portfolio performs compared to your peer group. Once completed, Bancard conducts a call with you to discuss results and provides a write up with recommendations for improving your portfolio.

To initiate the analysis, please complete the form below. Complete as many fields as possible. Once submitted, we will follow up with you soon to schedule a call and discuss results.

If you have any questions, please contact our Client Relations team at 800-242-4770 or [email protected].


As a reminder, ICBA Bancard services are for U.S. community banks. If you are looking for credit cards/debit cards or merchant services please connect with your local community bank.

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