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Jan 29, 2018
Q: What is authentication?
A: It is a way to gain better assurance that the genuine customer is using his or her card online. The authentication outcome is added to the authorization request for the issuer’s reference when the authorization is presented.

Q: When does authentication happen?
A: Authentication happens AFTER the customer clicks checkout and BEFORE the authorization request.

Q: Is this for every eCommerce transaction?
A: No. The online merchant must use the 2.0 version.

Q: Will 3-D Secure 2.0 and 1.02 version co-exist?

A: The payments industry is transitioning from the current version of 3-D Secure, and will be for several years. ICBA Bancard’s solution will support both versions. The authentication service will support whatever version of 3-D Secure the merchant uses.

Q: What will the customer experience during authentication?

A: There will be no friction, the customer will not be asked to do anything. Step-up authentication options will be offered as enhancements become available in the future.

Q: What happens when a transaction fails authentication?
A: This happens a small percentage of the time, and typically the transaction is fraudulent. The merchant will receive the failed authentication message and should ask for another form of payment to continue the transaction. Should the merchant choose to accept the failed authenticated transaction, the merchant also accepts the liability.