Online Training Newsletter – May 2022

May 24, 2022


Summer unofficially kicks off next week! During this time of year, we tend to see a lull in training for two reasons:

  1. There is less time for learning as employees begin taking leave for summer vacations.
  2. Employee training is usually assigned at the beginning of the year with most employees falling into one of two camps: those who knock out their assigned training during Q1 and those who wait until December to cram it all in. Either way, not much is happening mid-year.

We’re going to change that though and “Power Up” this summer!

Are you familiar with the old-school term soft skills? How becoming a better communicator or developing customer service skills was ever considered 'soft' is beyond us.

We've thus renamed the soft skills courses in the Online Training Catalog to "Power Skills". Take a peek and you'll find 150+ courses covering Communication, Customer Service & Sales, Human Resources, Management & Leadership, and Personal Development. LMS Admins - talk with your HR department and department managers about how you can use these courses to Power Up your staff this summer.

What’s New

  • A new course “Bank Protection Act” was added to the course catalog on May 25.

What’s Coming

  • Look for new courses that tackle the Bank Bribery Act and Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure in the near future. We are also updating many of our Bank Security courses with fresh content.

Did You Know?

Did you know that learners can review their test answers at the end of each course? Each course within the Online Training Catalog contains a short comprehensive test at the end of the chapter. Once the test is completed and the answers are submitted, the learner can review their answers to see which ones they got correct. If a learner exits the course prior to reviewing the test, they cannot go back in and see their responses. So let them know – scroll up to review before exiting.