March 2020 - Online Training Newsletter


In this time of uncertainty, you may have employees who are unable to perform their daily job duties because they are working from home or your lobby traffic has decreased dramatically.

Now may be the appropriate time for your employees to take their required training from home on their personal computers, mobile devices, or tablets. You might also consider encouraging them to enroll in courses that are not required but can expand their knowledge, career track, and professionalism.

Online courses that are included with your subscription (full access plans only) and may be relevant at this time are:

  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response Planning

  • Coronavirus Preparedness for Employers and Employees

  • Safety and Health Awareness

  • Making Change Successful, not Stressful

  • Managing Workplace Stress

  • Running a Virtual Office

What’s New?

  • On March 18, an updated version of the course “Flood Disaster Protection Act” was released. The course includes new functionality as well as content updates. Content updates include private flood insurance and expanded information on coverage, escrow, and force-placed insurance.

    New enrollments in the course will receive the new content. For employees already enrolled in the course, administrators should unenroll them from the course and then enroll them into the new version.

    Custom Plan Subscribers: The newly updated course allows you to input your bank’s policies and procedures.

  • The following information was sent to you via e-mail on March 10. We are including it here in case you missed the initial e-mail:

    • NEW: “Coronavirus Preparedness for Employers and Employees”. This course discusses simple steps one can take to stay healthy and prevent the spread of the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

    • NEW: Harassment Prevention Training [Connecticut]: The state of Connecticut has enacted new laws requiring employers and employees to take two hours of harassment training. This course covers the requirements of the new state laws. There is an English and Spanish (Prevención del acoso [Connecticut]) version available.

    • UPDATE: Due to the addition of more harassment training courses, we wanted to ensure that finding the courses within the catalog was simpler. Therefore, we changed the course titles so that they are grouped together. No action is required on your part due to the title changes. The following harassment courses are now available as the following titles:

      • Harassment Prevention Training [Connecticut]

      • Harassment Prevention Training [New York]

      • Harassment Prevention Training for Employees [California] (SB1343)

      • Harassment Prevention Training for Employees [US]

      • Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors [California] (AB1825)

      • Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors [US]

      • Prevencion de acoso de Supervisor [US]

      • Prevencion de acoo de Empleados [California] (SB1343)

      • Prevencion de acoso de Empleados [US]

      • Prevencion de acoso de Supervisor [California] (SB1825)

      • Prevencin del acoso [Connecticut]

      • Prevencion del acoso [New York]

    • UPDATE: There are other states that are enacting laws regarding harassment training. If the state does not have a specific timing requirement, we are adding each state’s specific laws into the Harassment Prevention Training for Employees [US] and Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors [US] courses (including the Spanish versions). You’ll find the state specific information on page 4 of each course.

What’s Coming

We are in the process of updating the following courses:

  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act: In Depth
  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act: Practical Application
  • Fair Lending Law

We are in the process of creating two new courses:

  • SAFE Act Training for Program Administrators
  • SAFE Act Training for MLO’s

Did You Know?

Did you know that the online training center works best when you use the internet browsers Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge? As Internet Explorer has discontinued support and upgrades, banks that are still using this browser for their online training, may find that courses do not launch or close properly.

Please work with your IT department to ensure all employees who are accessing the online training center have Chrome or Edge installed on their computers and then have them save the login page to the online training center as a favorite.