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Dear Community Banker,

With congressional hearings and negotiations underway that will determine the details of the Treasury's $700 billion financial rescue plan, ICBA is continuing to focus its energy and resources to ensuring the future of your community bank and the communities you serve.

As part of our efforts, this week ICBA placed a new advertisement in several publications widely read by policymakers on Capitol Hill and throughout our nation's capital. The ad's message is that community banks have not been involved in the reckless lending that is causing our current unprecedented financial troubles and spells out what community banks need in Treasury's plan to continue to fully serve Main Street America at this crucial time. (See ICBA's other activities on the issue in our Financial Crisis Resources.)

The ad is only the latest of many that ICBA has widely distributed during our continued efforts to communicate to policymakers, the media and the public the essential role community banks play as financial engines for our nation's economy. You can view the entire campaign on ICBA's Web site. While there, be sure to check out the "common sense lender" and "safety and soundness" resources ads you can use in your local markets with your customers.

Rest assured, ICBA will remain vigilant working on your behalf—during this time of action and afterward. We have one mission—COMMUNITY BANKS.

Warmest regards,

Camden R. Fine