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Cam Fine and Jeff Gerhart

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TAG Outreach Urgent with Congress Back 

Dear community banker,

Congress is back in Washington this week, and we need you to weigh in NOW and urge your lawmakers to pass a temporary extension of FDIC Transaction Account Guarantee (TAG) insurance. You personally must make your voice heard in Washington today by calling and writing your members of Congress.

Congress is quickly running out of time to advance this legislation to temporarily extend full FDIC coverage of noninterest-bearing transaction accounts. The successful TAG program is set to expire at the end of the year, and we do not want community banks’ best small business and municipal depositors and customers to run off because of the abrupt end of TAG coverage.

Congress will be hard-pressed to support a TAG extension unless they hear from you immediately! Congress is here this week and next to approve “must pass” legislation that will fund ongoing government operations into next year. So lawmakers needs to address the Dec. 31 TAG expiration before they go home for the November elections!

Call and write your congressional delegation TODAY and urge them to extend full TAG coverage before they leave Washington.

Call Congress Today!

Write Congress Now!

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