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Last update: 09/03/15

ICBA News Releases Archive

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April 2005

29-Apr-05ICBA Announces National Community Bank Service Award Winners
27-Apr-05ICBA Backs Bill to Bolster Small Business Financing
27-Apr-05Statement on John Reich Nomination as OTS Director
27-Apr-05ICBA Applauds Passage of Deposit Insurance Bill
20-Apr-05Tax-Exempt Credit Union Industry Warrants Congressional Scrutiny
20-Apr-05ICBA Cautions Congress on Rushing to Shorten Check-Hold Periods
19-Apr-05ICBA Supports GSE Reform, Cautions Against Too Much Power
18-Apr-05OTS Director Gilleran a "Gutsy" Public Leader, ICBA CEO Says
15-Apr-05As Tax Day Arrives, $655 Billion Credit Union Industry Still Exempt
14-Apr-05ICBA Commends Congress for Passing Bankruptcy Bill
13-Apr-05ICBA Applauds House Members for Vote on Permanent Estate Tax Relief
05-Apr-05ICBA Forms Alliance with American Red Cross
Community banks can serve as official Red Cross donation sites
05-Apr-05ICBA Urges Careful Consideration on GSE Reform
04-Apr-05ICBA Recommends Changes to Implementation of Sarbox Section 404
01-Apr-05ICBA Celebrates Community Banking Month

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March 2005

31-Mar-05Consolidation of Banking Industry Jeopardizes Small Business Lending
New Studies Illustrate Importance of Community Banks
28-Mar-05ICBA Presses President's Tax Panel to Increase Savings
28-Mar-05ICBA to Fed: Eliminate Information Overload
18-Mar-05ICBA Thanks Lawmakers for Supporting Community Bank Role in Social Security Reform
16-Mar-05Community Bank Cardholder Wins Big
16-Mar-05ICBA Inks Agreement to Provide Training Resources
Select Search Publications Serves Community Banks
16-Mar-05Community Bank Cardholder Wins Big
10-Mar-05ICBA Elects New Officers
09-Mar-05Community Bankers Contribute to San Antonio Homeownership
09-Mar-05ICBA and SLFC Renew Contract
09-Mar-05ICBA National Convention Kicks Off 75th Anniversary Celebration
08-Mar-05ICBA Immediate Past Chairman Named To SEC Advisory Committee
08-Mar-05ICBA Praises New Savings Legislation
08-Mar-05ICBA Enters Alliance with Promontory Interfinancial Network
02-Mar-05ICBA Applauds Federal Reserve for Final Rule on Trust Preferred Securities
01-Mar-05Habitat for Humanity and ICBA To Launch 'Hammers Across America'

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February 2005

28-Feb-05New Study Finds No Good Reason for $30 Billion Credit Union Tax Exemption
23-Feb-05ICBA Statement on FDIC/OCC Small Bank CRA Proposal
18-Feb-05ICBA Praises Senate Judiciary Committee for Passage of Bankruptcy Reform
17-Feb-05ICBA Praises Passage of Class Action Bill
17-Feb-05ICBA Praises Rep. Hulshof for Permanent Estate Tax Relief Effort
16-Feb-05ICBA Champions Bankruptcy Reform
15-Feb-05ICBA National Convention Kicks Off 75th Anniversary Celebration
10-Feb-05ICBA Testifies in Favor of Balanced Policy in Bankruptcy Reform
08-Feb-05ICBA Applauds Bush Budget for Promoting Individual Savings Options
08-Feb-05ICBA Voices Support for "Aggie Bonds" Bill
Legislation Would Help Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
01-Feb-05ICBA Executive Banking Institute Dates Set
01-Feb-05Independent Banker Names 2005 Rising Stars

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January 2005

27-Jan-05ICBA Reinsurance Elects New Officers
26-Jan-05ICBA Bancard and Community Banks Rank as Power Players
26-Jan-05ICBA Applauds Rural Economic Investment Act
Legislation Would Help Rural Borrowers
25-Jan-05Longtime ICBA Seccurities President Retires
25-Jan-05ICBA Leader to Represent Community Banks on National Payments Board
25-Jan-05ICBA Names Industry Veteran to Head New Rocky Mountain Central Plains Office
24-Jan-05ICBA Strongly Supports OTS CRA Proposal
14-Jan-05ICBA Criticizes NCUA Disclosures for Credit Union Conversions
11-Jan-05ICBA Members Receive Dividend
11-Jan-05ICBA Hosts Electronic Payments Teleconference
07-Jan-05ICBA Applauds Formation of New Tax Panel

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