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ICBA to Participate in American Stock Exchange Financial Services Webcast

Washington, D.C. (May 20, 2004) - The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) announced today that it intends to participate in the American Stock Exchange (Amex) Financial Services webcast, a move that will draw investor attention to the community banking market.

The American Stock Exchange has asked ICBA to provide a select number of community bankers to join in the June 29, 2004 webcast. The webcast will focus on some thirty different institutions from around the country that have shown the strong characteristics that are appealing to the investor community. The webcast also builds on a successful model built by the Amex to draw investor interest to particular featured markets.

"Gaining and maintaining the attention of the investor community is a daily necessity for the nation's publicly traded community banks," said Camden R. Fine, president and CEO of ICBA. "Working with the American Stock Exchange is a natural fit for ICBA and should prove fruitful for all involved."

"The community banking industry has continued to perform exceedingly well year after year, and helping to tell that story with the American Stock Exchange is one of the many ways in which ICBA adds value to membership," Fine added. "This event is just the first of many in a series we will be announcing in coming months."

Paul C. McGuire, senior vice president of state/regional operations and membership strategy at ICBA, added, "Nearly a third of our members are publicly traded. Helping them draw attention to themselves and providing additional venues for them to tell their stories to the investor community are just two of the many ways ICBA adds value to membership. And who better to work with than the American Stock Exchange?"

ICBA's Large Community Bank Advisory Council will continue to help formulate and direct programs as ICBA continues to meet the needs of larger community bank members. According to Rusty Cloutier, immediate past chairman of ICBA, and president and CEO of Midsouth National Bank, "The people at Amex have been very good to me in meeting our needs and I think it is terrific that ICBA and the Amex can bring this value to more ICBA members."