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ICBA and Patria Services Corp. Partner to Offer Community Banking Mover Marketing Solutions

Washington, D.C. (February 4, 2009)—The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) today announced that it has selected Patria Services Corp., a SaaS technology-based trigger marketing company based in Wilmington, Delaware, as its Preferred Service Provider for community banking life event marketing solutions, specifically for residential movers. In this capacity, Patria can help ICBA member banks target and model relevant incentive offers to consumers moving in and around the bank’s footprint to generate new deposit balances. Patria handles all aspects of the program including list selection, creative design, distribution, offer modeling and marketing materials.

“Acquisition and retention of core deposits remain the primary source for a community bank’s future growth and continued success,” said Dan Clancy, ICBA senior vice president of services. “Community banks that use innovative marketing and new technology solutions to acquire new deposit and checking accounts expand their overall retail base and forge stronger relationships with customers. By partnering with Patria, ICBA members can take full advantage of mover marketing solutions during a time when community banks are seeing consumers flock toward the safety and soundness that community banks offer.”

Statistics indicate that nearly 25 percent of new movers will change their banking relationship. By adding Patria to their suite of services, ICBA member banks can utilize this new account acquisition strategy to highlight their bank and acquire new deposit and checking accounts while expanding their overall retail base.

“Increased competition from national, regional and on-line bank centers means that community banks must utilize new methods and refine existing strategies. Improved target marketing attracts new customers and increases existing account retention,” said Jim Roszkowski, Patria’s President and CEO. “In an expense-conscious environment, Patria’s innovative and cost-effective solutions can help ICBA member banks gain a significant competitive advantage in an increasingly complicated marketplace.”

ICBA members that join with Patria Services Corp. will have access to the company’s Partner Network, a host of timely and relevant services and products for residential movers. Patria has secured targeted savings and rebates from trusted manufacturers and service providers to meet specific consumer need during the life-changing event, driving enhanced value to a community bank’s core deposit marketing plan. For more information about Patria Services Corp., please visit www.mypatria.com or call Don Burkhimer at (404) 680-8257.

About Patria Services Corp.
Patria, a trigger marketing technology platform leader, helps companies and major brands to better take advantage of the significant buying power and behavioral changes of the key “new mover” consumer group as well as other life-event opportunities. The company’s proprietary technology platform improves its clients' business metrics such as new account acquisition, improved cross or up-selling results, new sales volume, increased account activation and greater existing account retention for clients across various vertical markets, with a strong emphasis within the financial services, industry.