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ICBA Mortgage Elects New Chairman and Directors

Washington, D.C. (Sept. 14, 2004)—ICBA Mortgage Corp., the residential lending service corporation of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), has named six community bankers to serve on its Board of Directors, including a new chairman from Maryland.

R. Michael S. Menzies Sr., president and CEO of Easton Bank and Trust in Easton, Md., was named chairman of the ICBA Mortgage board. Menzies brings more than 20 years of financial services and community banking experience to the leadership position. He is a former president, CEO and chairman of The First Bank of Frederick, Md., and a former executive vice president and director of The Talbot Bank of Easton, Md.

Menzies’ previous industry activities include service as a member of ICBA’s Bank Operations and Long Term Planning committees. His extensive civic contributions include membership on the Hospice Advisory Board, the Talbot County Comprehensive Planning Committee and the Pickering Creek Environmental Center.

Terry J. Jorde, president and CEO of CountryBank USA in Cando, N.D., has joined the ICBA Mortgage board as director.  Currently serving as vice chairman of the ICBA, Jorde has served as a member of many of the association’s 14 standing committees over the years. She has also served as chairman of the ICBA Services Network, the holding company for association’s six service corporations—including ICBA Mortgage—that exclusively serve community banks. On the state level, Jorde has served as president of the Independent Community Banks of North Dakota and as a director for the North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions, a position she held for five years.

Other newly elected ICBA Mortgage directors include George Andrews, president and CEO of Capitol City Bank and Trust Co. in Atlanta, Ga.; Eric Gillett, president and CEO of Sutton Bank in Attica, Ohio; Richard Seeba, president and CEO of Granite Community Bank in Granite Bay, Calif.; and Larry Winum, president of Glenwood State Bank in Glenwood, Iowa.

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ICBA Mortgage Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Independent Community Bankers of America, “The Nation’s Voice for Community Banks.”  Since 1991, ICBA Mortgage has provided more than 1,000 community banks with equitable access to the secondary mortgage market.  The ICBA Mortgage program offers a wide range of long term, fixed and adjustable rate mortgages on primary and second homes, plus investment properties. This broad range of products, including FHA and VA loans makes it possible for community banks to serve all their customers while attracting new ones.  For more information, visit the ICBA Mortgage website at www.icbamortgage.com.