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ICBA Bancard Partners with SHAZAM for Credit Card Services

Washington, D.C. (May 9, 2012)—TCM Bank, N.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of ICBA Bancard, today announced that it has entered into a referral agreement with SHAZAM, an electronic funds transfer (EFT) network headquartered in Johnston, Iowa.  Through this alliance, SHAZAM will refer its participating financial institutions to TCM’s credit card services.  TCM provides a spectrum of services, including credit card program consulting, portfolio acquisition and agent bank sponsorship choices. 

“Since many of our customers align with SHAZAM’s client list, we couldn’t be more pleased with this relationship and the positive potential it has for our member community banks,” said Paul Weston, president and chief executive officer of TCM Bank. “Our job is to help community banks grow while protecting their customer and community relationships so they can continue to serve their communities.”

As banks continue to seek ways to service their customers and increase and meet their business objectives, Weston noted, many are seeking to expand with consumer and small business credit cards as a product offering. Partnering with TCM can allow independent community banks to offer credit cards while providing a low-risk revenue stream.

“Like TCM Bank, SHAZAM is committed to helping financial institutions compete more effectively and profitably in the marketplace,” said James Ghiglieri Jr., SHAZAM’s senior vice president of corporate communications. “We believe TCM’s card payment systems and best practices expertise are an excellent fit with our high-quality, innovative and timely electronic financial services.”

The SHAZAM network was founded in 1976 and is one of the last remaining member-owned and member-controlled EFT networks and processors in the industry. SHAZAM provides EFT services to both issuers and acquirers throughout the United States. SHAZAM offers core banking services; ATM processing services; Visa® debit and Debit MasterCard® national debit products, including business debit and health savings account (HSA) cards; card authorization services; merchant processing; automated clearing house (ACH) services; and information security solutions.
Visit SHAZAM at www.shazam.net.

About TCM Bank, N.A.
TCM Bank, N.A., a subsidiary of ICBA Bancard, provides payment services for community banks including credit card program consulting, portfolio acquisition, product development and agent bank sponsorship choices. Through our Total Card Management™ program, we help community banks promote their branded cards while limiting their exposure to risk and expense.  For more information, visit http://www.icbabancard.org/tcmbank or call (800) 242-4770.