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ICBA Announces PSP Relationship with WebEquity

Washington, D.C. (March 21, 2011)-The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) today announced that it has selected WebEquity Solutions® as a Preferred Service Provider (PSP).  This exclusive agreement will offer ICBA members access to commercial lending software which provides banks a single solution to manage asset quality and credit risk. ICBA member banks will also receive special member discounts on WebEquity software subscriptions.

"WebEquity brings a unique perspective to risk management, especially in the post reform marketplace," said Dan Clancy, ICBA senior vice president of services.  "With WebEquity, member banks can utilize a single hosted solution to manage their commercial lending functions, which enables them to reduce operational costs, streamline processes and make uniform lending decisions."

WebEquity's on-demand lending software allows ICBA member banks to automate the credit analysis, decision making and portfolio management processes across their entire credit portfolios, including commercial real estate, commercial and industrial, construction, agricultural and small business loans.  WebEquity's Risk Management Dashboard also provides community banks a powerful reporting and stress testing tool to help proactively manage risk.  The software and data is hosted in a world-class data center-eliminating many of the IT costs and hassles for a community bank.  Also, its flexible design allows ICBA member banks to configure credit analysis forms, risk rating models, credit presentations and workflows so the software conforms to the institution's lending processes by loan type, size or complexity.

"The financial crisis demonstrated how important it is for banks to make sound lending decisions in order to maintain good asset quality in their loan portfolios," said Doug McGregor, WebEquity CEO.  "It is also critical that once a bank puts a loan on its books that the institution continues to evaluate the credit health and well-being of its borrowers and the risk profile of its loan portfolio.  We are pleased to be selected as an ICBA Preferred Service Provider and are looking forward to working with community banks to help them address these critical needs." 

WebEquity and ICBA will be presenting a complimentary webinar for ICBA members at 2:00 p.m. ET on April 20 and May 11. During this session, bank executives and their lending management teams will have an opportunity to see the WebEquity credit analysis software and Risk Management Dashboard in action. To register for webinar, visit www.webequitysolutions.com/ICBAwebinars.

For more information, visit www.webequitysolutions.com.   

About WebEquity Solutions®
WebEquity Solutions® is the proven leader in on-demand lending software. More than 650 financial institutions and 10,000 lending professionals use WebEquity to automate and streamline their lending process and reduce operational costs, while making more uniform and profitable credit decisions. The company offers financial institutions a distinct advantage with a single solution that works for all loan types, an on-demand model that provides centralized, anywhere access, and the flexibility to configure the system so it fits their lending practices. WebEquity serves institutions in the U.S., Canada and Australia. For more information call 800.264.0787 or visit www.webequitysolutions.com.