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ICBA Launches “My Community, My Bank” Facebook Fan Page

Fan Page is Next Step of ICBA’s Larger Campaign to End Too-Big-To-Fail

Washington, D.C. (April 5, 2010)—The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) today launched the “My Community, My Bank” Facebook fan page, as part of the next phase of its campaign to educate policymakers and the public about the negative consequences associated with too-big-to-fail and the need to rein in the nation’s too-big-to-fail institutions through meaningful financial regulatory reform.

“ICBA’s efforts are making a real impact with real people who believe that enough is enough,” said Karen Tyson, ICBA senior vice president of communications. “Americans from across the nation are making their voices heard through the already established ‘My Community, My Bank’ Web site. The launch of the new ‘My Community, My Bank’ Facebook fan page will only enhance the debate about reining in the mega institutions that caused the financial crisis and nearly toppled our economy more than one year ago. Ending too-big-to-fail is the only way to truly safeguard our financial system and America’s taxpayers. ICBA is proud to be at the forefront of this critical discussion.”

The “My Community, My Bank” Facebook fan page will provide followers with relevant information about the issue, as well as give fans a venue to comment and share with others. The Facebook fan page is the next step in the continuation of ICBA’s larger campaign that includes grassroots mobilization, media outreach and award-winning advertising.

In September, ICBA launched the “My Community, My Bank” Web site, which offers education and information and allows individuals to send high-impact personal messages to Congress supporting the need to repair too-big-to-fail. After visitors upload or send their message to Congress, they can virally share the site with friends, urging them to also show their support for the community banks that put the interests of friends and neighbors on Main Street ahead of speculators on Wall Street.

To view the new “My Community, My Bank” Facebook fan page, visit www.facebook.com/mycommunitymybankicba or visit www.mycommunitymybank.org.