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ICBA Bancard Announces Remote Deposit for Community Banks

Relationship with Goldleaf Technologies Helps Banks Unlock Business Opportunities

Washington, D.C. (Sept. 28, 2005) - ICBA Bancard Inc., the electronic payments services subsidiary of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), announced its newest product, Remote Deposit Solutions. Through a strategic alliance with Goldleaf Technologies Inc., Brentwood, Tenn., community banks will have the technology to allow their commercial clients to scan, submit, and deposit checks electronically.

"For community banks, remote deposit presents an incredible opportunity," said Charles L. Saeman, president and CEO of State Bank of Cross Plains, Cross Plains, Wis. and ICBA Bancard chairman. "Community banks can advance and retain their small business relationships by putting the convenience of a bank branch into the office of each of their commercial clients. Because of that, Remote Deposit Solutions from ICBA Bancard represents the competitive edge for community banks to expand their reach and increase efficiencies with their small business customers."

Expanding access to check electronification solutions, for which ICBA vigorously advocated in Check 21 legislation, helps community banks accelerate check clearing, improve fraud detection capabilities, and reduce check-handling costs. Through remote deposit technology, check images are scanned at the commercial client's location and sent swiftly and securely to the bank, eliminating the need for frequent and after-hours deposits and costly check-handling processes.

"We are very excited about the tremendous response both banks and businesses have expressed over remote deposit," said Paul McCulloch, president and CEO of Goldleaf Technologies. "As it requires no additional software and no pre-existing Check-21 readiness, Goldleaf Technologies has designed a web-based remote deposit solution that gives community banks the quickest, simplest entry possible into the ongoing race for low-cost commercial deposits."

About Goldleaf Technologies Inc.
Brentwood, TN-based Goldleaf Technologies Inc., is a privately held financial services company offering Web-based ACH, check conversion, and remote deposit solutions as well as dynamic, feature-rich websites, intranets, and security solutions for community financial institutions. Goldleaf's e-payments solutions help financial institutions attract and retain profitable customers, increase core deposits, and generate recurring fee income. Goldleaf serves over 2,500 financial institutions nationwide. For more information, call (877) 999-BANC or visit www.goldleaf.com.