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Independent Community Bankers of America Chooses APPI Energy As Newest Preferred Service Provider

Washington, D.C. (February 21, 2012)—The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) announced today that it has selected Affiliated Power Purchasers International LLC (APPI Energy) as a Preferred Service Provider (PSP). APPI Energy is an independent energy consulting firm providing energy procurement and management services to over 3,300 clients of all sizes, including community banks with multiple branches. This unique agreement offers education and solutions allowing ICBA and its members to reduce and manage their energy expenses.

“As an ICBA member benefit, at no risk or upfront cost, APPI Energy can evaluate energy contracts and recommend how community bank members can take advantage of historically low prices by analyzing the bank’s energy usage and identifying the energy provider best able to cost-effectively meet these needs,” said Dan Clancy, ICBA executive vice president of services. “This program will help many community banks lower their business expenses by securing the lowest energy prices available.”

ICBA member banks are also able to work with APPI Energy to develop green energy programs and reduce energy consumption costs through APPI Energy’s demand reduction programs, allowing banks to take advantage of federal and state-based incentives. ICBA was able to take advantage of APPI Energy’s services first hand. After evaluating energy costs through the APPI Energy program, the association contracted with the company to deliver competitive electricity supply prices for ICBA’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

“We are pleased to select APPI Energy as an energy supplier for our D.C. office,” said Patricia Hopkins, ICBA senior executive vice president/CFO. “Through our new relationship with APPI Energy, ICBA is able to save thousands of dollars compared to paying our utility’s default tariff rate. With prices at nearly 10-year lows, we’ve found this to be a unique buying opportunity. We hope our members are able to find competitive pricing the way we have.”

“Our team of experts forces multiple suppliers to compete for business,” said APPI Energy President Walter Moore. “We understand the intricate needs of multiple local branches because we’ve worked with hundreds of community banks. Representing bankers, never suppliers, we negotiate contract terms and conditions that meet each branch’s needs.”

By interacting with energy and gas suppliers in all deregulated markets, APPI Energy is able to collaborate with suppliers for account analysis, energy load presentation, pricing information and contract negotiation to bring the most cost-effective services to community banks. APPI Energy has managed over 5.5 billion kWh in deregulated states. In any location, APPI Energy can offer community banks ways to effectively reduce operating expenses by identifying methods of usage reduction, including modernizing equipment through HVAC upgrades, lighting retrofits and Demand Response.

“Since we started our relationship with APPI Energy in 2009, our consultant has constantly analyzed the market on our behalf and identified the best opportunities,” said Kimberley Thomas, executive vice president and CFO of The Bank of Delmarva in Salisbury, Md. “We recently locked in a fixed-price contract for 36 months that delivers a 14 percent reduction of our banks’ electricity supply expenses. We appreciate APPI Energy’s unbiased recommendations and suggest other ICBA members contact them today.”

About APPI Energy
APPI Energy provides independent energy consulting services to members of 140 affinity organizations with locations across the United States. Since 1996, members benefit by using APPI Energy’s procurement expertise to reduce operating expenses. To learn more, visit www.appienergy.com.