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Audio: CFPB 3-Part Series on Mortgage Reform (CD)

Six of the seven mortgage reform rules have been published in final form from the CFPB and numerous running updates continue to modify future expectations almost weekly for residential lending. With the changing CFPB rules, fears surrounding what banks can and cannot do in the future are the norm. The wide ranging opinions generated to date focus on large scale mortgage producers or narrow regulatory perspectives.

Join compliance experts, David M. Bequeaith and Lindsay E. LaNore, as they outline each of the seven mortgage reform rules and future expectations. This three-part audio conference series will give participants an accurate, relevant and timely examination of the CFPB's Mortgage Reform efforts and the impact on your institution.

Part 1: Reform for Executives
Recorded: August 28, 2013
Length: 60 minutes
1 CPE Credit
Program Level: Basic-Intermediate

While there have been numerous discussions regarding the CFPB reforms, most get bogged down in the checklist minutiae of compliance and lose sight of what is relevant to the community banking executive or lending manager. This audio conference will address the fundamental impact on mortgage lending strategies taken by banks, outline strategic options bank's may pursue and examine the respective risks and big picture requirements.

For each area of reform, and in particular the Ability-to-Repay/Qualified Mortgage, Mortgage Lender Compensation and Appraisal Delivery rules we will illustrate the core requirements, options, opportunities and drawbacks of each alternative with respect to the lending manager or banking executive. Participants will leave with a checklist of forward actions they can employ to ensure viable options are selected and compliance elements are instituted well before the January implementation.

Part 2: Mortgage Reform for Compliance Leadership
Recorded: September 4, 2013
Length: 90 minutes
1.5 CPE Credits
Program Level: Basic-Intermediate

While this session can stand on its own, it will build on the outline of the Executive session and drill down on the details of compliance inherent in these complex mortgage rules and remaining proposals. The key to future bank success will center on understanding what applies to your bank and where changes to current bank procedures are needed. This audio conference will help you create simplicity out of the complexity of these rules, and will illustrate where updated controls will be needed to lead personnel through likely trouble areas. For example, to support compliance with Ability-to-Repay and Qualified Mortgage rules, compliance personnel must recognize that new loan "buckets", purpose or classification codes will be needed to differentiate the different options taken and their relevant requirements. In addition, this session will address considerations necessary for banks originating high cost mortgages as well as banks servicing mortgage loans.

Part 3: Final Update for Implementation and Integrated Mortgage Disclosures
Recorded: December 4, 2013
Length: 90 minutes
1.5 CPE Credits
Program Level: Basic-Intermediate

The CFPB has targeted October 2013 for publication of the Integrated Mortgage Disclosure final rule and still pending is rulemaking activity by the CFPB which will likely revise some of the final rules previously published.

This audio session will break this down the Integrated Mortgage Disclosures and offer a final update on any revisions. Attendees will explore lessons learned from the industry to date and have an open discussion about what community banks are doing to prepare for adherence to these new rules. Throughout the session we'll differentiate the "Facts" and "Fictions" of the mortgage reform requirements and build on your earlier understanding of the rules.


David M. Bequeaith
David is founder and principal consultant for Bequeaith Banking Solutions, LLC. His company specializes in risk management by providing compliance, loan portfolio monitoring and regulatory assistance to financial institutions on a local and regional basis with additional national exposure through delivery of two well-known training and speaking programs.

Lindsay E. LaNore
Lindsay is a principal consultant with Bequeaith Banking Solutions, LLC. She is responsible for the management and leadership of compliance performance at client banks. Additionally, she directs the maintenance and development of compliance training materials and related publications for national and local clients.

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