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Manual: BanKnology Instructor

A Self-Paced Comprehensive Foundational Training designed to provide a more thorough understanding of The Fundamentals of Lending.

With The Fundamentals of Lending Training Your Employees Will…

  • Broaden their skills by studying materials designed specifically to improve their job performance and knowledge of bank lending.
  • Be able to make decisions and solve business problems.
  • Gain the knowledge to answer customer's questions with confidence.
  • Learn how to tackle the expanded responsibilities that are critically important to guarantee the bottom line success of the financial institution.
  • Constantly be able to perform at exceptional levels.
  • Add skills and terminology that will help employees work smarter and faster.
  • Gain the knowledge that will help employees in their continued career growth.

Product Code: EMIKNOL

ICBA Members - $69
Nonmembers - $169

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ICBA Member Price: $69.00
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