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Don't Be Victimized by Fraudulent Cashier's Checking Toolkit

In 2004 alone, fraudulent cashier's checks cost consumers $700 million. And in 2006, the FDIC issued over 300 fraudulent cashier's check alerts…that's more than one for every business day of the year.

To help community bankers raise awareness among your customers about fraudulent cashier's checks, ICBA now offers the "Don't be Victimized by Fraudulent Cashier's Checks" Toolkit .

The "Don't be Victimized by Fraudulent Cashier's Checks" Toolkit includes:

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Handout
  • Press Release
  • Statement Stuffer
  • Banker's Tips

ICBA's toolkit can help you to educate your customers on what to look for in a cashier's check and what to avoid. The toolkit can be used as part of your bank's financial literacy program or as a presentation to civic organizations. You can also work with your local news media to raise awareness or communicate directly with your customers by sending them a statement stuffer.

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