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Audio: Coaching Employees To Be Your Most Profitable (CD)

Recorded: February 19, 2014

Length: 60 Minutes

Key Takeaways

Following this session, participants will understand:

  1. How to properly utilize staff as a marketing tool
  2. Valuable coaching techniques to better train staff on your products and servies
  3. Marketing strategies and tactics for specific customer segments.

Your community bank's most powerful competitive marketing tools are your employees. They understand your bank's unique strengths and will beat traditional and even new social selling tools every time, if properly trained and encouraged by management.

This session will explain how to better identify and utilize your best marketing talent. The speaker, Rick Wemmers will review training and coaching techniques you can implement to better prepare your staff to take on the role of a brand ambassador. Rick will also discuss how you can measure the profitable ROI of the "new marketing program."

Your employees are your unique selling proposition. High technology, low/high rates, and mobile banking don't mean much if there aren't knowledgeable and friendly staff to connect them to customers and prospects.

Session Objectives

Attendees will:

  • Learn how to identify their best marketing talent
  • Examine strategies and tactics to target specific customer segments
  • Review training techniques to better prepare your staff to take on the role of a brand ambassord.
  • Learn how to measure the profitable ROI of the "new marketing program."

Speaker: Rick Wemmers, BankMarketingpros, Inc.

Rick is an exciting, entertaining and proven expert on business development for financial institutions. Over the past 26 years, he has counseled numerous banks of all sizes across America on solving bank growth challenges. He also has similar experiences with companies in 50 different industries, from Fortune 50 to the smallest of startups.

Rick provides unique, real-world, real-time knowledge and help about using all the bank business development tools and tactics. He brings fresh, useful insights on such subjects as consumer psychographics, customer retention/loyalty, target marketing, sales culture improvement and building market share - quickly.

1 CPE Credit

Program Level: Basic-Intermediate

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