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About ICBA Preferred Service Providers

ICBA Preferred Service Providers (PSPs) are among a select group of service providers to the community banking industry that have earned the ICBA "Stamp of Approval." ICBA Preferred Service Providers are selected by the ICBA Bank Services Committee. The committee, comprised of community bankers, seeks solutions to critical member needs. Service Provider selection criteria includes financial strength, commitment to the community bank market, reference checks with existing community bank customers, and national distribution capabilities. In addition, ICBA Preferred Service Providers offer unique benefits to community banks.

Preferred Service Provider Categories:

Cooperative Alliances

ICBA Cooperative Alliances are chosen using the same rigorous criteria by the Bank Services Committee and offer seasonal promotional periods.

Cooperative Alliances Categories:

Today, more than 80% of ICBA members use at least one ICBA PSP Service!

Share in the savings today! Join the thousands of ICBA members who are adding to their bottom lines and reaping the many benefits of participating in ICBA's Preferred Service Provider and Cooperative Alliance Programs.

Have a question about an ICBA Preferred Service Provider? Please email Adam.Mahone, ICBA Preferred Services Provider Director, or Laura.Norrell, ICBA Services Coordinator.

PSP photos from the 2012 Convention