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Community Banking to the Core

Jan 31, 2018
accountingWhen community bankers talk, ICBA listens. We’ve heard from community bankers about the challenge of managing the relationship with their core processors, so we’ve once again taken action to help our industry thrive.

To help community bankers better navigate these complex relationships and maximize the return on their technology investments, ICBA recently released a Core Processor Resource Guide and related best practices for both community bank members and core processors. ICBA understands that the community bank-core processor relationship is critical and foundational for success, and we want to give community banks the leverage they need for these interactions while maximizing the value of their ICBA membership.

That’s also why ICBA has expanded its offerings and outreach with core processors. We will continue this dialogue with the core processors to ensure that community banks have a seat at the table and that their unique business needs are being addressed.

After all, core processors should be strategic partners that support community banks’ long-term objectives and innovation goals. So ICBA's resource guide and best practices offer community bankers insights on assessing their business needs and utilization, gauging satisfaction with existing relationships, evaluating alternatives, negotiating contracts, and even converting to a new system for those who decide to switch.

These relationships are serious business—costly with a business-critical impact on community banks. And because community banks must continue to innovate and go beyond the status quo to continue serving local communities, they need as much information as possible in making strategic decisions.

We hope these ICBA roadmaps can help your community bank better manage its core processor relationship, make the best choice for your business, and educate core processors on how they can best meet our industry’s needs.

Community bankers, let us know what you think about these resources by contacting ICBA’s Viveca Ware at or Cary Whaley at We always value your feedback as ICBA continues fulfilling its core mission—to create and promote an environment where community banks flourish.

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