We’re looking for community banks who are taking social media by storm and marketing their banks in creative and exciting ways.

Any community bank can be nominated for recognition as a social media or marketing leader (including non-ICBA members). Self-nominations are accepted. Multiple nominations for different social media campaigns and marketing initiatives are encouraged. Anyone can nominate a community bank for recognition consideration.

Share your creative social media and marketing efforts. How are you engaging followers and customers? What platforms and channels are you using to promote your brand and messaging? Include data, analytics and visual content!

Nominations Accepted: June 26 - July 14, 2017


Contact: Carissa Hampton at 202-821-4328, carissa.hampton@icba.org

Nomination Form

General Information

ICBA Member:

Social Media and Marketing Program Information

In 500 words or less,describe the following (write in):

  • What were your goals for the campaign?
  • What tactics and channels did you use?
  • Describe your results (analytics, engagement, etc.)
  • Why does your community bank view your campaign as a success?
  • What did your bank learn from this campaign? Did it prompt you to do anything different?
If available, include links to:
  • campaigns
  • social posts
  • videos
  • other
If links are not available, please email collateral supporting your nomination to carissa.hampton@icba.org.