ICBA - Education - Bank Robbery Prevention, Apprehension and Recovery: <br>Through the Eyes of a Former Bank Robber

Bank Robbery Prevention, Apprehension and Recovery:
Through the Eyes of a Former Bank Robber

Troy Evans changed himself. As a result, this interview will change your view on how a bank robbery occurs. This interview will dramatically decrease the chance of your financial institution being targeted for a robbery, increase the chances of a quick apprehension of the assailant(s) and aid in a speedy and full recovery of monies taken.

Points covered include:

  • Who are today’s bank robbers?
  • Why will bank robbery continue to remain steady and in some areas increase?
  • Create an environment that the “would be” robber will want to pass up
  • What do they look for when “casing” a bank?
  • What to do during/after a robbery
  • Employees are the most effective robbery deterrent
  • Doing a Risk Assessment
  • Suspicious Activities Logs/Non-disclosure forms


Troy Evans pursued a career as a self-employed addict, drug dealer, gambler and thief for more than 15 years. Ultimately, his disregard of values and discipline resulted in a 13 year Federal Prison sentence. Facing the obstacles, pressures and violence of prison life, he was determined that his time behind bars would not be wasted. Today he is a speaker and consultant, sharing his story of endurance and personal transformation with audiences of all ages. For nearly a decade now he has provided financial institutions with real-life insight surrounding robbery prevention, apprehension and recovery.



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Bank Robbery Prevention
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