Remote Check Deposit Capture Risk Toolkit

What’s New in the Updated ICBA RDC Risk Toolkit?

The 2014 ICBA RDC Risk Toolkit contains major revisions to several sections and to the Excel and Word documents. Updated sections include:

  • New section on reducing operational costs
  • New section on mitigating cross channel risk
  • New check list for assessing the risk of a new RDC customer (Appendix L)
  • Expanded and updated section on security for mobile RDC
  • New section on implementation of mobile business RDC
  • Four new charts on RDC trends

Also included with this update are 13 Excel and Word documents that can be used as is or modified as needed to meet your community bank’s requirements. The Excel worksheets have fully functional calculations and formulas.

Written by Steve Schutze, Payments Technology Consulting



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