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BanKnology — Loss Mitigation

Are you turning your back and walking away from profits? Many non-performing assets can be saved through both an aggressive collection effort and loss mitigation. Alleviate the frustration from granting a workout plan and then several months later the borrower again defaults.

Learn when foreclosure is the only answer, and when to extend modification terms to your financially troubled borrowers. See how to analyze facts and creatively come up with solutions for those borrowers that truly merit financial assistance. The manual contains 10 workout scenarios stimulating self-thought in creating plausible workout solutions. The manual also contains:

  • Explanation of how this Real Estate debacle began
  • Winning in your loss mitigation efforts
  • How to negotiate
  • When to accept a "Short Sale"
  • Should a "Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure" be considered?
  • Dealing with Bankruptcies
  • The Servicemember's Civil Relief Act

Written by Rich Bode


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