ICBA - Education - HR Generalist Certificate Program (Federal)

HR Generalist Certificate Program (Federal)

The nine modules in the Human Resources Generalist Certificate program represent the body of knowledge you need to serve effectively in a generalist role. This certificate program is ideal for people who are new to HR as well as those experienced in Human Resources who have a desire to further the scope of their knowledge. This certificate program contains the following courses:

  • Introduction to the Human Resources Generalist Certificate Program (Federal oriented)
  • Introduction to Human Resources and the Generalist Role (Federal-oriented)
  • Employment Laws and Human Resources (Federal-oriented)
  • Federal Terminations and Layoffs
  • Federal Wage and Hour Law
  • Federal Leaves of Absence
  • HR's Role in Selecting Quality Talent
  • Compensation and Benefits Trends (Federal-oriented)
  • HR and Supervisory Communications

To earn the Human Resources Generalist Certificate, you must complete all modules in the program, pass an examination after each module, and pass a final comprehensive examination. This Certificate program is worth 14 CPE credits.