Fair Lending for Lending Personnel

Fair lending is a priority for examiners, banking regulators and the U.S. Department of Justice. Ensure your bank’s personnel understand all fair lending requirements.

Use Fair Lending for Lending Personnel to train your employees. The learning objectives include:

  • Types of discrimination
  • Prohibited factors — Knowing what may/may not be asked of applicants; What may/may not be used to evaluate applications
  • Prohibited actions — Redlining, Steering, and Advertising
  • Monitoring for Regulation B
  • Recordkeeping for Fair Housing
  • Notifications

Fair Lending for Lending Personnel is an interactive rich application that provides you with immediate and easy access to information about the Fair Lending requirements. The program includes:

  • Interactive manual with in depth information from Reg B Official Staff Interpretation
  • Video presentation — uses computer media player (length approx. 28 min)
  • Hard copy manual (use with video for group presentations)
  • New Testing format — keep track of results and printable scores (Requires Microsoft Excel™)

Fair Lending for Lending Personnel gives you the tools to train institution wide from customer service to lenders. Use this in-depth program to train new employees or as a refresher for seasoned personnel.


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Fair Lending for Lending Personnel


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