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Key Issues for Community Bank Directors

These three DVDs are a must have for director training.

Written and produced by Philip Smith, Gerrish McCreary Smith.

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Key Issues for Community Bank Directors
(Package of 3)
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Tips for Strategic Planning
(26 minutes)

Strategic planning is as important now as it has ever been. As financial institutions return to a focus on core profitability, move away from a harsher regulatory environment, and begin to set a course for a new day, it is important that a well directed strategic plan be implemented. This 26‐minute DVD will provide you the top ten tips for putting an appropriate plan in place. In addition, Mr. Smith discusses the appropriate strategic planning techniques, the process to conduct strategic planning, and outlines key substantive areas that all boards and management should be considering in adopting and implementing an appropriate strategic plan.


The New Merger and Acquisition Market
(28 minutes)

The previously dormant acquisition market is beginning to show signs of life. This 28‐minute DVD outlines current merger and acquisition trends, the focus for community banks in the acquisition environment, the impact of your strategy on acquisition planning, the renewed focus on creating value and measuring your price, the differences in the current climate compared to past merger and acquisition cycles, common mistakes of buyers and sellers, branch opportunities, and other strategies.


Compliance for Bank Directors
(23 minutes)

Compliance is no longer just an issue for the compliance officer. In the new era of regulatory, legal and consumer compliance, the board of directors as well as other management members must be equally involved. This 23‐minute DVD outlines practical things the board should focus on from a compliance standpoint, emerging director level compliance
issues, outlines the directors’ job, discusses the impact of Dodd‐Frank, and also discusses penalties and remediation.


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