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Online: Introduction to Financial Statements

The Introduction to Financial Statements Series builds an intuition for the purpose of the balance sheet, the income statement and the cash flow statement. Illustrations of how the information on these primary financial statements can be used to better understand the stock and flow of an organization's wealth are also presented. Additionally, an introduction to the debit-credit system of accounting is provided so that users will have an understanding of how organizations account for their resources through time and then use this recorded information to generate their financial statements.This course is comprised of 4 separate modules which are all contained in the one module below. Quizzes test your knowledge but the scores are not recorded on the system and no certificate of completion is issued. The titles for the four section modules are:

  • o The Balance Sheet
  • o The Income Statement
  • o The Cash Flow Statement
  • o Recording Transactions

This program contains 1 module(s).

3 CPE Credit(s)

Category:  Finance

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