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Online: Robbery Response Techniques For All

Your institution's Security Director is responsible for developing and managing the institution's Security Program. The Security Program must contain policies and procedures that address robberies - as well as contain an initial and periodic training program that also addresses robbery. It's the institution's position that maintaining the security environment is perhaps the most important 1% of its business activities.This Security Program is designed to create and to maintain a safe and secure environment for the institution's employees to work - and for the institution's customers to conduct business. You are just as responsible for maintaining the institution's Security Program as is the Security Director and your role is a simple - but critical - one. Your role is important and it has three parts: to be aware of the need to protect yourself, your family, other employees, customers and other persons on the premises; to observe and report unusual or suspicious persons and events to your supervisor or to the Security Director; and To take appropriate action if you feel that your safety - or the safety of another person - is at risk.

This program contains 2 module(s).

1 CPE Credit(s)

Category:  Security Skills

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