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Date Title Publication
09/16/2015 USDA Projects $6.5B in Crop Payments NewsWatch Today
07/14/2015 USDA: Conservation Certification Tops 98 Percent NewsWatch Today
06/04/2015 Industry Letter on Conservation Compliance Letter to Regulators
02/04/2015 Industry Letter Opposing President Obama's Budget Proposal to Cut Crop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
07/03/2014 Farm Bill, Crop Insurance Hearing Next Week NewsWatch Today
11/05/2013 rop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
06/19/2013 Industry Letter in Support of Crop Insurance and Opposition to the Kind Amendment ( Industry Letter to Congress
06/11/2013 Industry Letter Supporting Crop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
05/01/2013 Industry Letter Supporting Federal Crop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
03/12/2013 Crop Insurance Protection Letter to Congress
06/14/2012 Industry Letter Supporting Crop Insurance Protection Industry Letter to Congress
05/24/2012 Federal Crop Insurance Program Industry Letter to Congress
04/20/2012 USDA Crop Insurance Industry Letter to Congress
03/14/2012 Joint Letter Supporting Crop Insurance Joint Letter to Congress
11/03/2006 USDA Expands Farm Revenue Crop Insurance Program IWR
06/23/2006 House Panel Examines Crop Insurance Fraud WWR
02/10/2006 More on USDA’s FY 2007 Budget Proposals WWR
08/05/2005 RMA Publishes Rule on Premium Reduction Plans for Crop Insurance WWR
05/14/2004 Congress Also Weighs In Against Crop Insurance Cuts WWR
05/14/2004 ICBA, Farm Groups, Urge No Cuts to Crop Insurance WWR
03/28/2003 Disaster Aid Excerpts from Q&A Session with ReportersAccess Restricted USDA Transcript
02/13/2003 Agricultural Risk Protection Act of 2000Access Restricted Section-By-Section Summary
01/10/2003 USDA Delays Renegotiation of Crop Insurance Agreements WWR
12/11/2002 Standard Reinsurance AgreementAccess Restricted Letter to Secretary Veneman
11/08/2002 ICBA Raises Concerns Over Proposed Crop Insurance Changes WWR
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