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05/19/2016 ICBA Summary of CFPB Proposed Rule on Consumer Arbitration Agreements Summary
05/10/2016 OCC Issues Student Lending Guidance NewsWatch Today
05/03/2016 Banks Report Tighter C&I, CRE Loan Standards NewsWatch Today
04/29/2016 USDA Reducing Fees for Single-Family Housing Program NewsWatch Today
03/23/2016 SCOTUS Upholds Ruling on Gender Discrimination Claims NewsWatch Today
03/22/2016 House Passes ICBA-Backed Servicemember Foreclosure Protection Extension NewsWatch Today
03/16/2016 FHA Updates Lender, Loan Certifications NewsWatch Today
03/08/2016 Mortgage Lending Reform Priority Policy Resolution
03/03/2016 ICBA to Congress: Extend Servicemember Foreclosure Protection NewsWatch Today
07/09/2015 ICBA Summary of CFPB Potential Rulemakings for Payday, Vehicle Title, and Similar Loans Summary
07/06/2015 Independent Banker® Recognizes 2015 Exceptional Community Bank Lenders News Release
07/06/2015 Independent Banker® Recognizes 2015 Top-Producing Lenders List News Release
03/18/2015 Industry Letter on the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) Regulation Industry Letter to Reguators
02/06/2015 Industry Letter Regarding Limitations on Terms of Consumer Credit Extended to Service Members and Dependents Industry Letter to Regulators
01/27/2015 ICBA Survey: 73 Percent of Community Banks Say Regulations Inhibiting Mortgage Lending News Release
12/12/2014 ICBA Applauds Passage of Bill to Improve Community Bank Access to Capital News Release
10/16/2014 Regulation Z (Truth in Lending) Mortgage Requirements Letter to Regulators
07/03/2014 ICBA Independent Banker® Recognizes Top-Performing Lenders News Release
07/02/2014 ICBA Independent Banker® Recognizes Outstanding Community Lenders News Release
09/12/2013 New Mortgage Rules Jeopardize Access to Credit Testimony
08/28/2013 ICBA Statement on Proposed Credit Risk-Retention Rule News Release
07/23/2012 Loan Originator Compensation Rulemaking Industry Letter to Regulators
10/25/2010 Proposed Rule to Amend Regulation Z Letter to Regulators
05/10/2010 Amendment to S. 3217 That Would Preserve the Ability of States to Establish Lending Limits for Small, State-chartered Banks Letter to Congress
02/19/2010 Interpretation of Federal Reserve Letter CA 09-12 Letter to Regulators
02/19/2010 Interpretation of Federal Reserve Letter CA 09-12 Letter to Regulators
01/19/2010 The FACT Act’s Risk-Based Pricing Final Rules Summary
07/01/2009 Administration's Proposal to Simplify and Consolidate Mortage Disclosures Industry Letter to Regulators
06/12/2008 RESPA Letter to Regulators
05/22/2008 RESPA and Its Impact on Small Business Written Testimony
04/07/2008 Joint Letter Opposing Sanders Amendment to H.R. 3321 Letter to the Hill
02/25/2008 Implementation of Limitations on Terms of Consumer Credit to Service Members and Dependents Letter to Regulators
02/08/2008 Accuracy and Integrity of Information Furnished to Credit Bureaus Letter to Regulators
10/04/2004 ICBA/Freddie Mac Alliance

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