Date Title Publication
11/09/2015 OCC Bulletin on TILA-RESPA Disclosures Echoes Previous Guidance NewsWatch Today
11/02/2015 Survey: TRID Rule Top Concern for Bankers NewsWatch Today
10/09/2015 Fannie, Freddie Won’t Conduct Post-Purchase Reviews for TRID Compliance NewsWatch Today
10/09/2015 CFPB Expresses Concerns with Marketing Service Agreements NewsWatch Today
10/08/2015 Bipartisan House Vote Approves TRID Grace Period NewsWatch Today
10/06/2015 House to Vote on Bills Providing Exam, TILA-RESPA Relief NewsWatch Today
10/05/2015 Regulators Clarify Compliance Expectations as TRID Rule Goes Live NewsWatch Today
10/02/2015 TILA-RESPA Disclosure Requirements Take Effect Tomorrow NewsWatch Today
09/24/2015 Sen. Ayotte Backs ICBA Push for TRID Grace Period NewsWatch Today
09/18/2015 CFPB Releases Consumer Tools Ahead of TILA-RESPA Deadline NewsWatch Today
09/17/2015 CFPB Updates TILA-RESPA Supervisory Materials NewsWatch Today
09/10/2015 ICBA Calls for Clear TILA-RESPA Disclosure Guidelines and Relief NewsWatch Today
09/08/2015 FFIEC Requested Action on the TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) Industry Letter to Regulators
07/27/2015 Industry Letter Supporting the Homebuyers Assistance Act (H.R. 3192) Industry Letter to Congress
07/13/2015 Industry Letter Supporting S. 1711 Industry Letter to Congress
07/01/2015 Letter Supporting the Delay of TRID Effective Date to October 3 Letter to Regulators
06/17/2015 ICBA Statement on CFPB Announcement Regarding TRID News Release
06/03/2015 ICBA Statement on CFPB Announcement on TILA-RESPA Rule News Release
05/05/2015 Industry Letter Supporting H.R. 2213 Industry Letter to Congress
03/18/2015 Industry Letter on the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) Regulation Industry Letter to Reguators
09/16/2014 Industry Letter on the Implementation of the New TILA/RESPA Integrated Mortgage Disclosures Rule Industry Letter to Regulators
09/10/2012 RESPA/TILA- Revised APR Calculation Industry Letter to Regulators
02/08/2012 TILA/RESPA Disclosures Letter to Regulators
07/26/2010 RESPA: Home Warranty Companies’ Payments to Real Estate Brokers Joint Letter to Regulators
07/01/2009 Administration's Proposal to Simplify and Consolidate Mortage Disclosures Industry Letter to Regulators
05/14/2009 Industry Letter on RESPA Letter to Regulators
02/09/2009 Industry Letter on RESPA Letter to Regulators
09/16/2008 HUD's Proposed RESPA Rule Testimony
07/31/2008 Industry Letter Opposing HUD's RESPA Proposal Letter to Regulators
06/12/2008 RESPA Letter to Regulators
03/13/2008 Joint Letter on RESPA Disclosures Letter to Regulators

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