Corporate Governance

Date Title Publication
03/03/2015 Publicly Held Community Banks and the SEC Policy Resolution
04/16/2012 Title VI of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) Letter to Regulators
04/05/2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act Q & A Q & A
04/05/2012 ICBA’s Fine Attends White House Signing of JOBS Act News Release
11/29/2011 SOX 404 Letter to Congress
10/05/2011 Industry Letter on the Small Company Job Growth and Regulatory Relief Act Industry Letter to Congress
09/21/2011 ICBA Urges Lawmakers to Increase SEC Shareholder Registration Threshold & SOX 404(b) Exemption News Release
12/06/2010 SEC's Study on the Burden of Complying with Section 404(b) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 Letter to Regulators
11/18/2010 ICBA’s Comments to the SEC Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation Letter to Regulators
04/22/2010 Small Company Exemption from Section 404(b) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Joint Letter to Congress
02/22/2008 Proposal Concerning Internal Control Reporting for SEC Non-accelerated Filers Letter to Regulators
02/08/2008 SEC Proposes Delay in SOX 404(b) for Small Filers IWR
02/04/2008 Extension of SOX 404 Requirements for Non-Accelerated Filers Letter to the Hill
12/12/2007 Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404: New Evidence on the Costs for Small Businesses Testimony
10/03/2007 ICBA Opposes SEC’s Shareholder Access Proposal News Release
10/02/2007 Shareholder Proposals Relating to the Election of Directors Letter to Regulators
09/18/2007 ICBA Praises SEC for Regulatory Relief Proposal News Release
07/13/2007 ICBA Urges SEC to Delay SOX 404 for Small Filers IWR
06/05/2007 Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Testimony
06/05/2007 ICBA Tells Congress New SOX 404 Guidance Won’t Significantly Reduce Audit Costs for Small Businesses News Release
04/18/2007 Sarbanes Oxley and Small Business Testimony
04/18/2007 ICBA Says SEC’s SOX 404 Guidance Unlikely to Reduce Audit Costs for Small Businesses News Release
02/26/2007 ICBA Asks for Extension of Deadlines for SOX 404 Small Company Implementation News Release
02/26/2007 SOX 404 Small Company Implementation Letter to Regulators
12/18/2006 ICBA Commends the SEC for Deferring Sox Section 404 Due Dates News Release
12/15/2006 SEC Proposes Management Guidance on SOX Section 404 IWR
12/01/2006 ICBA Backs SOX Efficiency Proposal News Release
11/03/2006 Sarbanes-Oxley Law Receives High Level Attention IWR
09/22/2006 ICBA Urges SEC to Defer SOX Section 404 Due Dates IWR
09/22/2006 ICBA Urges Clearer, More Risk-Based SOX 404 Standards IWR
09/15/2006 ICBA Urges SEC to Defer SOX Section 404 Due Dates News Release
09/15/2006 Concept Release Regarding Management's Reports on Internal Control Letter to Regulators
09/14/2006 Internal Control Reporting for Non-Accelerated Filers Letter to Regulators
08/11/2006 SEC to Extend SOX 404 Deadline for Small Companies WWR
08/09/2006 ICBA Applauds SEC for Extending Implementation of SOX Section 404 Audit Rules News Release
07/14/2006 SEC Issues SOX 404 Concept Release; COSO Guidance WWR
05/19/2006 SEC Rejects Smaller Public Companies 404 Exemption WWR
05/19/2006 ICBA Endorses Feeney SOX 404 Legislation WWR
05/18/2006 ICBA Statement on SEC Announcement Concerning SOX 404 News Release
05/17/2006 ICBA Supports Feeney/DeMint Bill to Provide Relief from SOX for Smaller Public Companies News Release
05/12/2006 ICBA Urges the SEC to Ease SOX 404 Burden WWR
05/10/2006 Ease Sarbanes-Oxley for Small Companies ICBA Tells the SEC News Release
05/05/2006 ICBA Testifies on SOX 404 Exemptions WWR
05/03/2006 ICBA Asks Congress to Adopt SEC Advisory Committee Recommendations on SOX 404 News Release
04/28/2006 SEC Chairman Addresses SOX, Fannie and Bank Securities Activities WWR
04/28/2006 House Subcommittee Discusses SOX Section 404 Relief WWR
04/21/2006 SEC Committee Recommends Section 404 Exemptions WWR
04/20/2006 Bank Groups Applaud SEC Advisory Committee's Proposal for Smaller Public Company Relief Joint News Release
04/07/2006 ICBA: SEC Should Adopt SOX 404 Exemption WWR
04/04/2006 ICBA and Community Bankers Ask SEC To Adopt SOX 404 Relief News Release
04/03/2006 Final Report of the SEC Advisory Committee on Smaller Public Companies Letter to Regulators
03/31/2006 Send a Letter to Support SOX 404 Relief WWR
03/24/2006 ICBA Members Urged to Write SEC in Support of SOX 404 Relief WWR
03/10/2006 Oxley, Baker Support SEC Authority to Adopt SOX Exemptions WWR
03/03/2006 ICBA Applauds Reps. Oxley and Baker’s Support for SEC Authority News Release
02/22/2006 ICBA Urges SEC to Adopt Advisory Panel Recommendation for Smaller Companies News Release
12/02/2005 SEC Proposes Internet Availability of Proxy Materials WWR
10/31/2005 Proposal to Modify the Periodic Report Filing Deadlines for Accelerated Filers Letter to Regulators
08/31/2005 ICBA/Powell Goldstein Comments to the SEC Advisory Committee on Smaller Public Companies Letter to Regulators
06/17/2005 Ways to Scale Securities Regulations for Smaller Public Companies Testimony
04/15/2005 SEC Holds Small Company Advisory Committee and Section 404 Roundtable Meetings WWR
04/04/2005 ICBA Recommends Changes to Implementation of Sarbox Section 404 News Release
03/31/2005 Implementation of Internal Control Reporting Provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 Letter to Regulators
03/08/2005 ICBA Community Bank Survey: The Costs of Complying with Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Survey Results
03/08/2005 ICBA Immediate Past Chairman Named To SEC Advisory Committee News Release
01/14/2005 New Internal Control Guidance Planned for Small Companies WWR
12/31/2004 ICBA Sarbox Section 404 Survey is Now Online WWR
12/03/2004 PCAOB Guidance on Internal Control Audits WWR
04/03/2004 RSM McGladrey/ICBA 2003 Community Bank Governance Survey Flyer Flyer
01/02/2004 ICBA Urges SEC to Reconsider Shareholder Nominee Rules WWR
12/22/2003 Security Holder Director Nominations Letter to Regulators
11/20/2003 Proposed Auditing Standard-An Audit of Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Letter to Regulators
11/07/2003 SEC Approves Nasdaq, NYSE Corporate Governance Rules WWR
10/17/2003 NYSE, NASDAQ File Corporate Governance Proposals WWR
10/10/2003 SEC Proposes Shareholder Access Rules WWR
08/29/2003 SEC Proposes Rules for Director Nominations and Shareholder Communications WWR
07/18/2003 FDIC Clarifies Guidance on Sarbanes-Oxley WWR
05/23/2003 Bies Addresses ICBA on Corporate Governance WWR
05/16/2003 SEC Issues Rules on Filing and Posting Insider Trades WWR
05/09/2003 Agencies Issue Guidance on Corporate Governance for Non-Public Banks WWR
04/11/2003 RSM McGladrey/ICBA 2003 Community Bank Governance Survey News Release News Release
04/04/2003 SEC Issues Final Audit Committee Rule WWR
03/21/2003 Agencies Revise Internal Audit Guidance WWR
03/14/2003 Corporate Governance Clarification for Nonpublicly Traded Banks WWR
03/07/2003 Powell Addresses Economic Growth, Corporate Governance WWR
01/24/2003 SEC Issues Final Auditor Independence Rule WWR

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