Regulatory Burden

Date Title Publication
01/22/2015 ICBA Plan for Prosperity Launch Makes News NewsWatch Today
01/16/2015 WSJ: Plan for Prosperity Big News Because of Community Bank Clout NewsWatch Today
01/16/2015 Cutting Back Regulation Central to ICBA Mission NewsWatch Today
01/16/2015 FDIC Launches Webpage on Failing Bank Acquisitions NewsWatch Today
01/16/2015 ICBA Expresses Concerns with CFPB Mortgage Tool, Comments NewsWatch Today
01/15/2015 ICBA Applauds House Passage of Bill Offering Volcker Rule, Thrift Relief NewsWatch Today
01/15/2015 ICBA Launches Regulatory Relief Platform for 114th Congress NewsWatch Today
01/15/2015 CFPB Proposes Student Account Scorecard NewsWatch Today
01/15/2015 Agencies Holding Next EGRPRA Meeting in Dallas NewsWatch Today
01/14/2015 House Taking Up ICBA-Backed Bill Offering Volcker Rule, Thrift Relief NewsWatch Today
01/13/2015 Support for the “Promoting Job Creation and Reducing Small Business Burdens Act” (H.R. 37) Letter to Congress
01/12/2015 Agencies Holding Next EGRPRA Meeting in Dallas NewsWatch Today
01/08/2015 American Enterprise Institute Article Calls for Tiered Banking Regulation NewsWatch Today
01/08/2015 ICBA Supports Bill to Offer Volcker Rule, Thrift Holding Company Relief NewsWatch Today
01/07/2015 ICBA Supports H.R. 37 to Grow Local Economies News Release
12/19/2014 Fed Delays Volcker Rule Restrictions NewsWatch Today
12/18/2014 Industry Letter to Regulators
12/16/2014 ICBA Responds to Proposal on No-Action Letters NewsWatch Today
12/15/2014 ICBA Applauds Passage of Bill to Improve Community Bank Access to Capital NewsWatch Today
12/12/2014 Congress Passes ICBA Reform Helping Community Banks Raise Capital NewsWatch Today
12/11/2014 Luetkemeyer Urges Swift FDIC Review of Operation Choke Point NewsWatch Today
12/05/2014 ICBA Backs New Community Bank Reg-Relief Bill NewsWatch Today
12/04/2014 Support for the Small Financial Institutions Regulatory Relief Act of 2014 (H.R. 5786) Letter to Congress
12/03/2014 Regulators Advocate Community Bank Relief at Reg-Review Meeting NewsWatch Today
11/25/2014 CFPB Issues Fall 2014 Rulemaking Agenda NewsWatch Today
11/25/2014 Researchers: Time to Address Community Bank Overregulation NewsWatch Today
11/24/2014 Curry Disappointed with Delay in Compensation Rules NewsWatch Today
11/21/2014 Luetkemeyer Introduces Bill to Protect Against Operation Choke Point NewsWatch Today
11/21/2014 CFPB Proposes New Foreclosure Rules for Servicers NewsWatch Today
11/21/2014 Support for the Financial Institutions Customer Protection Act Letter to Congress
11/20/2014 FDIC Issues Alert on State Bank Activities NewsWatch Today
11/20/2014 OCC Issues Bulletin on Money Services Businesses NewsWatch Today
11/17/2014 FDIC, DOJ Investigating Operation Choke Point NewsWatch Today
11/14/2014 ICBA Urges Lame-Duck Action on Reg Relief NewsWatch Today
11/14/2014 ICBA Urges Congress to Pass Bipartisan Regulatory Relief Before Adjourning NewsWatch Today
11/13/2014 Regulatory and Tax Relief for Community Banks Letter to Congress
11/13/2014 ICBA Encouraging Community Bankers to Attend First EGRPRA Meeting NewsWatch Today
11/10/2014 ICBA Agrees with Tarullo's Call on Congress to Revise Small Bank Holding Company Policy Statement NewsWatch Today
11/10/2014 CFPB's Proposed Amendments to Integrated Mortgage Origination Disclosures Letter to Regulators
11/07/2014 ICBA Agrees with Fed’s Tarullo on Call for Congress to Revise the Small Bank Holding Company Policy Statement News Release
11/06/2014 Agencies Announce EGRPRA Outreach Meetings NewsWatch Today
11/06/2014 McConnell: Senate Reviewing Dodd-Frank Impact on Community Banks NewsWatch Today
11/04/2014 HUD Not Adopting CFPB Reforms on QM Points and Fees NewsWatch Today
11/03/2014 Banking Subcommittee Schedules Hearing on Regulatory Capture NewsWatch Today
10/31/2014 OCC Updates Guidance on Matters Requiring Attention NewsWatch Today
10/30/2014 ICBA Urges Balanced Approach to Proposed Expansion of Mortgage-Data Reporting Rules News Release
10/30/2014 ICBA to CFPB: Take Balanced Approach to Expanded Data-Reporting Rules NewsWatch Today
10/29/2014 Fed Approves New Financial Market Risk Standards NewsWatch Today
10/29/2014 ICBA Comment Letter on CFPB HMDA Proposed Rule Letter to Regulators
10/27/2014 FDIC Proposes Extending Restrictions on Buying Failed Bank Assets NewsWatch Today
10/20/2014 ICBA Agrees with Fed’s Powell on Commitment to Tiered Community Bank Regulations News Release
10/10/2014 Industry Letter on Limitations on Terms of Consumer Credit Extended to Service Members and Dependents Industry Letter to Regulators
09/22/2014 Proposed Policy Statement Regarding Disclosure of Consumer Complaint Narratives Letter to Regulators
09/16/2014 Industry Letter on the Implementation of the New TILA/RESPA Integrated Mortgage Disclosures Rule Industry Letter to Regulators
09/16/2014 Examining the State of Small Depository Institutions Testimony
09/15/2014 Industry Letter Supporting the Barr-Miller Bill Industry Letter to Congress
09/15/2014 Support for the Barr-Miller Bill Letter to Congress
09/03/2014 ICBA: Review of Bank Regulations Must Have Substantial Impact News Release
09/02/2014 Regulatory Publication and Review Under the Economic Growth and Regulatory Paperwork Reduction Act of 1996 (EGRPRA) Letter to Regulators
07/29/2014 ICBA Appreciates FDIC’s Clarification for Institutions Establishing Account Relationships with Third-Party Payment Processors News Release
07/24/2014 On One-Year Anniversary of the CLEAR Relief Act, ICBA Urges Senate to Act Now News Release
07/24/2014 Support for S. 2641 Letter to Congress
07/17/2014 Operation Choke Point A Threat to Free Commerce and the Rule of Law Written Statement
07/16/2014 ICBA, Community Banking Coalition: Expand Mortgage Regulation Exceptions for Small Creditors News Release
07/15/2014 ICBA Advocates Measures to Rein in Government Overreach and Regulation News Release
07/15/2014 CFPB Issues Guidance on “Mini-Correspondent” Brokers NewsWatch Today
07/15/2014 Operation Choke Point A Threat to Free Commerce and the Rule of Law Written Statement
07/15/2014 ICBA Testifying Today on Regulatory Burden and Overreach NewsWatch Today
07/15/2014 Industry Letter on the Small Creditor Exception in the QM and Escrow Rules Industry Letter to Regulators
07/15/2014 Examining Regulatory Relief Proposals for Community Financial Institutions, Part II Testimony
07/11/2014 End Operation Choke Point Act of 2014 (H.R. 4986) Letter to Congress
07/03/2014 Agencies Issue Host-State Loan-to-Deposit Ratios NewsWatch Today
07/02/2014 Agencies Issue Guidance for HELOCs Nearing End-of-Draw Periods NewsWatch Today
07/01/2014 ICBA Applauds New Legislation on Operation Choke Point NewsWatch Today
07/01/2014 Central Bank Group Calls for Structural Reforms NewsWatch Today
06/30/2014 ICBA Applauds New Legislation on Operation Choke Point News Release
06/09/2014 Industry Letter Urging Endorsement of Three Important Community Bank Regulatory Relief Bills Industry Letter to Congress
06/09/2014 Amendments to the 2013 Mortgage Rules Under the Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z) Letter to Regulators
06/04/2014 ICBA Statement on Agency Effort to Address Outdated, Excessive Regulatory Burdens News Release
05/21/2014 Senate Consideration of House-Passed, Bipartisan Regulatory Relief for Community Banks Letter to Congress
05/08/2014 ICBA Supports CFPB Proposed Rule Allowing Banks to Post Privacy Notices Online News Release
05/08/2014 ICBA Supports Fed Governor Tarullo’s Call for Tiered and Proportional Financial Regulation News Release
05/07/2014 ICBA Supports House Financial Services Committee Passage of Three Community Bank Regulatory Relief Bills News Release
05/06/2014 ICBA Applauds House for Passing Much-Needed Regulatory Relief News Release
05/05/2014 Support for H.R. 2672 Letter to Congress
05/05/2014 Support for 3 Bills Letter to Congress
05/05/2014 Support for H.R. 3329 Letter to Congress
05/05/2014 Support for H.R. 2672 Letter to Congress
04/16/2014 Support for the Financial Regulatory Clarity Act of 2014 (H.R. 4466) Letter to Congress
04/08/2014 Community Bank Regulatory Relief Will Grow Economy and Create Jobs Testimony
04/08/2014 ICBA Statement on Fed Announcement of Two Additional One-Year Extensions for CLOs under Volcker Rule News Release
04/08/2014 ICBA: Community Bank Regulatory Relief Will Grow Local Economies and Create Jobs News Release
04/08/2014 Hearing on “Who’s In Your Wallet: Examining How Washington Red Tape Impairs Economic Freedom” Coalition Statement
03/31/2014 ICBA’s Fine: Consolidation, Regulation Twin Challenges Facing Community Banks News Release
03/18/2014 CLEAR Relief Act (S. 1349) Letter to Congress
03/12/2014 Support for the Restoring Proven Financing for American Employers Act (H.R. 4167) Letter to Congress
03/04/2014 Relief from Curshing Regulatory Burden Priority Policy Resolution
02/28/2014 ICBA Urges Regulators to Expand Volcker Rule Exemption News Release
02/28/2014 ICBA: New Study Shows Need for Community Bank Regulatory Relief News Release
02/26/2014 Treatment of Certain Collateralized Debt Obligations Backed Primarily by Trust Preferred Securities Letter to Regulators
01/22/2014 Dramatic Increase in Cosponsorship Demonstrates Momentum for Community Bank Regulatory Relief News Release
01/15/2014 ICBA Launches “Plan for Prosperity” Legislative Platform for 114th Congress News Release
01/14/2014 Regulators Respond to ICBA Pressure on Volcker Rule News Release
01/10/2014 ICBA Supports Senate Bill to Prevent Volcker Rule Damage to Community Banks and Their Communities News Release
01/08/2014 ICBA Supports Bill to Protect Community Banks and Their Customers from Volcker Rule Restrictions News Release
12/21/2013 Volcker Rule and the Treatment of CDO TruPS Letter to Regulators
12/19/2013 ICBA Remains Deeply Concerned with Volcker Rule Following Release of Agency Document News Release
12/18/2013 ICBA Urges Congress to Advocate Needed Volcker Rule Repair for Community Banks News Release
12/16/2013 Volcker Rule and the Treatment of CDO TruPS Letter to Regulators
12/04/2013 Regulatory Relief Proposals for Community Financial Institutions Testimony
12/03/2013 ICBA Urges Congress to Pass CLEAR Relief Act News Release
12/03/2013 Regulatory Landscape: Burdens on Small Financial Institutions Testimony
11/14/2013 ICBA Thanks House Financial Services Committee for Passage of ICBA-Advocated Regulatory Relief Legislation for Community Banks News Release
07/24/2013 ICBA Supports Bipartisan Senate Legislation That Promotes Regulatory Relief for Community Banks NewsWatch Today
06/25/2013 ICBA Issues Statement on Bipartisan Senate Bill To Reform the Secondary Mortgage Market News Release
04/30/2013 Community Lending Enhancement and Regulatory Relief Act of 2013, (H.R. 1750) Letter to Congress
04/29/2013 ICBA Supports H.R. 1750 to Promote Regulatory Relief for Community Banks News Release
04/16/2013 ICBA Testifies in Support of Regulatory-Relief Legislative Platform News Release
04/16/2013 Examining Community Bank Regulatory Burdens Testimony
04/15/2013 Support for S. 710 Letter to Congress
03/14/2013 Regulatory Relief for Community Banks “Is the No. 1 Goal” for ICBA’s New Chairman News Release
02/26/2013 ICBA Introduces Plan for Prosperity Targeting Excessive Regulatory Burdens News Release
02/21/2013 Exemption from Municipal Advisor Registration Requirement (HR 797) Letter to Congress
02/04/2013 ICBA: Tiered Regulation Essential to Minimizing Financial, Economic Costs News Release
01/17/2013 ICBA Supports Community Bank Exemptions from Mortgage-Servicer Rules News Release
01/10/2013 ICBA’s Karen Thomas Testifies at CFPB’s Field Hearing on Mortgage Policy—Comments on New QM Rule News Release
09/12/2012 ICBA Backs Community Bank Loan Exemptions from Mortgage Rules News Release
06/01/2012 Communities First Act Letter to Congress
12/05/2011 Regulatory Reform: Examining How New Regulations are Impacting Financial Institutions, Small Businesses, and Consumers in Illinois Testimony
11/07/2011 Cosponsor the Communities First Act (H.R. 1697) Letter to Congress
10/27/2011 ICBA: Capital Reform Provisions Will Boost Economy News Release
09/23/2011 Support for Shelby's S. 1615 Letter to Congress
09/23/2011 ICBA Expresses Support for Senator Shelby’s Regulatory Reform Measure (S. 1615) News Release
09/21/2011 Regulatory Relief Essential for Small Business Capital Formation Testimony
06/16/2011 ICBA Voices Avid Support for CFA before Congress News Release
06/15/2011 ICBA Urges Congress to Address Overly Strict Regulatory Environment News Release
06/15/2011 Communities First Act Letter to Congress
06/15/2011 Enhancing Safety and Soundness: Lessons Learned and Opportunities for Continued Improvement Testimony
05/09/2011 ICBA: CFA and Community Banks Essential Pieces to the Economic Recovery Puzzle News Release
01/28/2011 Regulatory Relief for Community Banks Letter to President Obama
05/19/2010 TAG Program Extension Letter to Regulators
05/17/2010 Illinois Community Banker: We Need a More Balanced Regulatory Environment That Promotes Lending News Release
05/01/2010 Commercial Real Estate: A Chicago Perspective on Current Market Challenges and Possible Responses Testimony
02/09/2009 Proposed Revisions to Regulation Z to Implement the Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act of 2008 Letter to Regulators
07/14/2008 ICBA Welcomes Changes to Truth in Lending Rules News Release
04/17/2008 ICBA Thanks Rep. Moore for Advancing Bank/Thrift Regulatory Relief Measure News Release
03/31/2008 ICBA Statement on Treasury's Financial Regulatory Blueprint News Release
03/26/2008 Proposed Revisions to Regulations D and I Letter to Regulators
12/19/2007 Regulatory Structure for Financial Institutions Letter to Regulators
12/19/2007 ICBA Supports Current Banking Structure; Asks for Less Regulations to Enhance Competitiveness News Release
09/18/2007 ICBA Praises SEC for Regulatory Relief Proposal News Release
09/17/2007 Smaller Reporting Company Regulatory Relief and Simplification Letter to Regulators
06/05/2007 CFA Summary (H.R. 1869) Summary
05/21/2007 Request to Co-Sponsor Communities First Act "Dear Colleague" Letter
05/11/2007 State Associations Endorsing the Communities First Act List
05/09/2007 Rep. Velazquez "Dear Colleague" Letter on H.R. 1869 Link
04/17/2007 CFA: New Bill vs. Existing Law Side-by-Side Comparison
04/17/2007 ICBA Applauds Chairwoman Velázquez for Introducing “Communities First Act” News Release
01/11/2007 Regulation O Disclosures Letters to Regulators
12/15/2006 Federal Reserve Eliminates Reg O Reports IWR
10/06/2006 The Good, The Bad, and The Troubling IWR
10/06/2006 Congress Aims Payments System at Child Pornography IWR
10/04/2006 2006 Internet Gambling Bill Summary
10/03/2006 Financial Services Regulatory Relief Act of 2006 Summary
10/02/2006 ICBA Commends Congress for Passing Regulatory Relief News Release
09/28/2006 ICBA Applauds House Passage of Regulatory Relief Bill News Release
08/04/2006 Clarification Sought on Provision Affecting Directors WWR
07/21/2006 Internet Gambling Bill Stalls in Senate WWR
07/14/2006 Internet Gambling Bill Passes House WWR
07/14/2006 Clearing up Director Liability WWR
06/30/2006 CU Group Threatens to Derail Reg Relief Bill WWR
06/16/2006 CFA Adds Two Co-Sponsors WWR
06/02/2006 Regulatory Relief Advances in Senate WWR
05/26/2006 Burdensome IG Bills Move out of Committee WWR
05/26/2006 ICBA Applauds Senate Passage of Regulatory Relief Bill News Release
05/19/2006 ICBA Testifies on Bill Reducing CTRs WWR
05/18/2006 ICBA Commends Bachus-Frank Bill To Reduce Currency Transaction Reporting News Release
05/08/2006 Studies to Develop and Test Consumer Regulatory Disclosures Letter to Regulators
05/05/2006 Senate Banking Committee Adopts Reg Relief Measure WWR
05/05/2006 Subcommittee Passes Burdensome Internet Gambling Bill WWR
05/04/2006 ICBA Supports Senate Regulatory Relief Legislation; Urges Further Changes News Release
05/03/2006 Financial Services Regulatory Relief Act of 2006 Letter to the Hill
04/21/2006 ICBA Presses Congress for Regulatory Relief WWR
04/19/2006 ICBA Encourages Congress to Quickly Pass Bank Regulatory Relief News Release
04/14/2006 ICBA Urges Streamlined Executive Comp Disclosures WWR
04/07/2006 Internet Gambling Bill Burden on Banks May Be Eased WWR
04/05/2006 ICBA Calls for Substantial Revisions to Internet Gambling Bill News Release
03/28/2006 Regulatory Relief Letter to the Hill
03/28/2006 Trade Groups Urge Senate Banking Committee to Mark Up Reg Relief Legislation News Release
03/10/2006 OTS Director Reich Tells Bankers: Keep Up Lobby for Reg Relief WWR
03/10/2006 Reg Relief Bill Passes House WWR
03/03/2006 ICBA Urges Congress to Pass Bank Regulatory Relief WWR
03/01/2006 Consideration of Regulatory Relief Proposals Testimony
03/01/2006 ICBA Urges Congress to Pass Bank Regulatory Relief News Release
02/28/2006 ICBA Applauds Fed for Raising Small BHC Policy Statement Threshold News Release
02/23/2006 ICBA’s Jorde to Testify before Senate Banking on Regulatory Relief for Community Banks News Release
02/22/2006 Joint Industry Letter on Regulatory Relief Letter to Sens. Shelby and Sarbanes
02/17/2006 Reg Relief Bill Cleared for Floor Vote, Hearing Set in Senate WWR
11/16/2005 ICBA Applauds House Panel for Passing H.R. 3505 News Release
11/14/2005 EGRPRA Burden Reduction Letter to Regulators
10/27/2005 ICBA Statement on House Financial Services Legislative Actions News Release
10/18/2005 ICBA Endorses Regulatory Relief Legislation News Release
10/18/2005 H.R. 3505: Financial Services Regulatory Relief Act 2005 Testimony
10/13/2005 ICBA Chairman to Testify on Bank Regulatory Relief Media Advisory
08/26/2005 Big Recess Push Needed for CFA Co-Sponsors WWR
08/05/2005 Agencies Seek More Comment on Regulatory Burden WWR
08/05/2005 Brownback, Inhofe, Roberts Introduce CFA in Senate WWR
08/05/2005 Continue Push for CFA Co-Sponsors WWR
07/29/2005 Lawmakers Head Home for August Recess WWR
07/29/2005 ICBA Presents Community Bank Views in White House Visit WWR
07/29/2005 Comprehensive Reg Relief Bill Introduced in House WWR
07/29/2005 ICBA Applauds Senate Introduction of Communities First Act News Release
07/28/2005 ICBA Praises Rep. Hensarling's Efforts to Reduce Bank Regulatory Burden News Release
06/21/2005 Community Banker Urges Senate to Include H.R. 2061 Provisions in Regulatory Relief Bill News Release
06/21/2005 Consideration of Regulatory Relief Proposals Testimony
06/09/2005 ICBA Supports Agencies' Regulatory Relief Efforts News Release
06/03/2005 Momentum Builds for Communities First Act WWR
05/27/2005 URGENT ALERT!
Push for CFA Co-Sponsors During Recess
05/20/2005 ICBA Tells Congress Reg Relief Needed NOW WWR
05/20/2005 ALERT! Push for CFA Co-Sponsors During Memorial Day Break WWR
05/19/2005 Financial Services Regulatory Relief: Private Sector Perspectives Testimony
05/19/2005 ICBA Testifies on Regulatory Relief at House Hearing Committee News Release
05/04/2005 Thirty-two State Groups Endorse Communities First Act News Release
05/04/2005 Thirty-two State Groups Endorse Communities First Act Letter to the Hill
05/04/2005 EGRPRA Letter to Regulators
05/03/2005 Communities First Act Summary
03/28/2005 ICBA to Fed: Eliminate Information Overload News Release
01/28/2005 Agencies Start Next Round of Reg Burden Review WWR
01/24/2005 EGRPRA Regulatory Review Letter to Regulators
01/14/2005 Acting Comptroller Says Consumer Disclosures Need New Approach WWR
10/18/2004 EGRPRA Burden Reduction Project Letter to Regulators
10/01/2004 Help Lift the Regulatory Burden - Invite a Member of Congress to Your Bank WWR
06/23/2004 ICBA Applauds FDIC Recommendations To Reduce Regulatory Burden News Release
06/22/2004 Regulatory Reform Proposals Testimony
06/22/2004 ICBA Says Regulatory Overkill Is Overwhelming Community Banks News Release
06/18/2004 Lifting the Load WWR
06/04/2004 Senate Reg Relief Hearing Set WWR
05/14/2004 ICBA Testifies on Community Bank Regulatory Relief WWR
05/12/2004 Cutting Through the Red Tape: Regulatory Relief for America's Community Based Banks Testimony
05/12/2004 ICBA Asks Congress to Help Lift Smothering Banking Regulations News Release
04/30/2004 FDIC Holds Reg Burden Outreach Meeting WWR
04/23/2004 ICBA Calls for Regulatory Burden Reduction WWR
04/21/2004 ICBA Urges Bank Regulators to Reduce Regulatory Burden News Release
04/20/2004 EGRPRA Review of Consumer Lending Related Rules Letter to Regulators
12/05/2003 Comments Sought on Reducing Burden of Consumer Regulations WWR
10/17/2003 Community Bankers Vent Frustration About Regulation WWR
09/26/2003 ICBA Applauds Regulatory Review Effort WWR
06/13/2003 First Reg Burden Reduction Outreach Meeting Held WWR
06/06/2003 Agencies Kick Off Regulatory Relief Effort WWR
04/18/2003 Hawke: Current Reg Structure Works Well WWR
04/11/2003 Banker Update: Subcommittee Clears Reg Relief, Takes No Action on ILCs WWR
04/04/2003 Banker Update: Industrial Loan Company Branching Threat WWR
FDIC Guidance on Identity Theft and Pretext Calling
ICBA Urges Banking Agencies to Support Meaningful Burden Reduction Measures

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