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01/27/2015 ICBA Survey: 73 Percent of Community Banks Say Regulations Inhibiting Mortgage Lending News Release
01/27/2015 73 Percent of Community Banks Say Regulations Inhibit Mortgage Lending NewsWatch Today
01/14/2015 Supreme Court Rules Against Industry on Rescinding Mortgages NewsWatch Today
01/14/2015 CFPB: Half of Home Buyers Don’t Shop Around NewsWatch Today
12/30/2014 CFPB Backs Defense Department Expansion of Military Lending Act NewsWatch Today
12/19/2014 ICBA, Coalition Raise Concerns with Military Lending Proposal NewsWatch Today
12/18/2014 OCC: Credit Risk Increases at National Banks, Thrifts NewsWatch Today
12/17/2014 OCC: Reports Eased Underwriting Standards NewsWatch Today
12/14/2014 Federal Reserve Announces Appraisals for Higher-Priced Mortgage Loans Exemption Threshold Adjustment NewsWatch Today
12/12/2014 ICBA Applauds Passage of Bill to Improve Community Bank Access to Capital News Release
11/25/2014 Conforming Loan Limits Mostly Unchanged in 2015 NewsWatch Today
11/13/2014 ICBA: Allow More Time for Revised Loan Estimates NewsWatch Today
11/05/2014 Fed: Banks Report Stronger Business Loan Demand NewsWatch Today
10/16/2014 Regulation Z (Truth in Lending) Mortgage Requirements Letter to Regulators
07/03/2014 ICBA Independent Banker® Recognizes Top-Performing Lenders News Release
07/02/2014 ICBA Independent Banker® Recognizes Outstanding Community Lenders News Release
03/04/2014 Mortgage Lending Reform Priority Policy Resolution
09/12/2013 New Mortgage Rules Jeopardize Access to Credit Testimony
08/28/2013 ICBA Statement on Proposed Credit Risk-Retention Rule News Release
07/23/2012 Loan Originator Compensation Rulemaking Industry Letter to Regulators
10/25/2010 Proposed Rule to Amend Regulation Z Letter to Regulators
05/10/2010 Amendment to S. 3217 That Would Preserve the Ability of States to Establish Lending Limits for Small, State-chartered Banks Letter to Congress
02/19/2010 Interpretation of Federal Reserve Letter CA 09-12 Letter to Regulators
02/19/2010 Interpretation of Federal Reserve Letter CA 09-12 Letter to Regulators
01/19/2010 The FACT Act’s Risk-Based Pricing Final Rules Summary
07/01/2009 Administration's Proposal to Simplify and Consolidate Mortage Disclosures Industry Letter to Regulators
07/14/2008 ICBA Welcomes Changes to Truth in Lending Rules News Release
06/12/2008 RESPA Letter to Regulators
05/22/2008 RESPA and Its Impact on Small Business Written Testimony
04/07/2008 Joint Letter Opposing Sanders Amendment to H.R. 3321 Letter to the Hill
02/25/2008 Implementation of Limitations on Terms of Consumer Credit to Service Members and Dependents Letter to Regulators
02/08/2008 Accuracy and Integrity of Information Furnished to Credit Bureaus Letter to Regulators
02/08/2008 ICBA Commends Bank Regulators for Proposed Credit Reporting Guidelines News Release
11/06/2007 ICBA Expresses Concerns as House Marks Up Mortgage Bill News Release
11/05/2007 ICBA Views on HR 3915 Mortgage Reform Bill Letter to the Hill
11/02/2007 Agencies Issue Two FACT Act Final Rules IWR
10/23/2007 Industry Letter Opposing the Emergency Home Ownership and Mortgage Equity Protection Act of 2007 Letter to the Hill
09/20/2007 Legislative and Regulatory Options for Minimizing and Mitigating Mortgage Foreclosures Written Statement
09/19/2007 ICBA Tells Congress Community Banks Are Stable, Well-Capitalized and Ready to Assist Homeowners News Release
08/31/2007 ICBA Statement on White House Subprime Mortgage Proposal News Release
08/31/2007 ICBA Statement on New Military Consumer Lending Rules News Release
08/16/2007 Letter to Regulators
07/20/2007 Guidance on Conforming Loan Limit Calculations Letter to Regulators
07/13/2007 Banking Agencies Issue Subprime Lending Guidance IWR
07/13/2007 ICBA Applauds OCC for Permanently Extending Lending Program IWR
07/09/2007 Higher Lending Limits for Residential Real Estate, Small Business and Small Farm Loans Letter to Regulators
06/29/2007 ICBA Statement on Subprime Lending Guidance Issued by Federal Banking Regulators News Release
06/11/2007 Limitations on Terms of Consumer Credit Extended to Service Members and Their Dependents Letter to Regulators
06/11/2007 ICBA Applauds DoD Steps Against Predatory Practices in Proposed Rule For Loans to the Military News Release
06/11/2007 Limitations on Terms of Consumer Credit to Service Members and Dependents Joint Letter to Regulators
05/08/2007 ICBA Supports Expansion of Subprime Lending Guidance News Release
05/07/2007 Proposed Statement on Subprime Mortgage Lending Letter to Regulators
04/17/2007 ICBA Statement on Subprime Mortgage Solutions News Release
04/13/2007 DOD Proposal on Limitations on Consumer Loans to Servicemembers Summary
02/09/2007 ICBA Recommends Steps to Protect Military Memb IWR
02/05/2007 ICBA Comments on FDIC Small-Dollar Loan Guideline News Release
02/02/2007 Draft Guidelines on Small-Dollar Loans Letter to Regulators
01/31/2007 Limitations on Terms of Consumer Credit Extended to Service Members Letter to Regulators
01/05/2007 Limitations on Terms of Consumer Credit Extended to Servicemembers and Dependents (Payday Law) Letter to Regulators
12/20/2006 Possible Expansion of the Interagency Guidance on Nontraditional Mortgage Product Risks Letter to Regulators
12/15/2006 FDIC Urges Banks to Offer Small-Dollar Loans IWR
12/06/2006 ICBA Still Concerned Over Final CRE Guidance News Release
10/20/2006 FDIC Ombudsman Comments on CRE Guidance IWR
10/06/2006 Regulators Issue Nontraditional Loan Guidance IWR
10/06/2006 The Good, The Bad, and The Troubling IWR
10/03/2006 2006 Military Consumer Credit Bill Summary
09/26/2006 ICBA Raises Community Bank Concerns, Offers Alternatives to Basel II Plans News Release
09/22/2006 ICBA Messages on CRE and Basel Well Received IWR
09/14/2006 A Review of Regulatory Proposals on Basel Capital and Commercial Real Estate Testimony
09/14/2006 A Review of Regulatory Proposals on Basel Capital and Commercial Real Estate Oral Statement
09/14/2006 ICBA Raises Community Bank Concerns, Offers Alternatives to CRE and Basel II Plans News Release
08/11/2006 September Hearing Planned on CRE Guidance and Basel WWR
06/30/2006 ICBA Reiterates Opposition to CRE Guidance WWR
06/23/2006 Pending Interagency Guidance on Commercial Real Estate Lending Letter to Regulators
06/23/2006 ICBA Repeats Call to Halt Proposed Commercial Real Estate Lending Guidance News Release
06/09/2006 Bies Speaks on CRE Concentration Guidance WWR
05/22/2006 Procedures to Enhance the Accuracy and Integrity of Information Furnished to Consumer Reporting Agencies Letter to Regulators
04/14/2006 ICBA Urges Regulators Not to Adopt CRE Proposal WWR
04/13/2006 ICBA Urges Bank Regulators Not to Adopt Proposed Commercial Real Estate Lending Guidance News Release
04/12/2006 Concentrations in Commercial Real Estate Lending, Sound Risk Management Practices Letter to Regulators
04/07/2006 Send Your Comments to the Regulators on CRE Proposal WWR
03/31/2006 ICBA Comments on Nontraditional Mortgage Guidance WWR
03/31/2006 HUD Plans New RESPA Rule, Changes to FHA WWR
03/29/2006 Nontraditional Mortgage Products Letter to Regulators
03/29/2006 Nontraditional Mortgage Products Letter to Regulators
03/24/2006 Comment Letters Needed on Proposed CRE Guidance WWR
03/10/2006 Regulators Extend CRE Proposal Comment Period WWR
01/13/2006 Commercial Real Estate Lenders Face More Regulatory Scrutiny WWR
12/16/2005 Truth-in-Lending - Minimum Payments Disclosures Letter to Regulators
12/02/2005 Guidance Issued on More Forbearance For Hurricane Loans WWR
10/07/2005 Federal Court Finds FCRA Preempts California Law on Affiliate Sharing WWR
09/30/2005 Greenspan Releases Report on Mortgage Loan Trends WWR
08/05/2005 OCC Study Finds Banks Easing Underwriting Standards WWR
06/29/2005 Classification of Commercial Credit Letter to Regulators
05/20/2005 New Advisory on Home Equity Lending Issued WWR
01/05/2005 FACTA Credit Score Fee Letter to Regulators
01/01/2005 Fraud Prevention Strategies for Consumer, Commercial and Mortgage Loan DepartmentsAccess Restricted BITS Report
11/01/2004 Joint Letter on FACT Act Effective Dates Letters to Regulators
10/28/2004 FACTA Prescreen Rule Letter to Regulators
08/27/2004 FDIC Reports Recovery of C&I Lending WWR
08/20/2004 New Guidance From the Agencies WWR
08/20/2004 OCC Extends Lending Limit Pilot and Adds Ag Loans WWR
08/18/2004 ICBA Applauds OCC for Expanding Lending Pilot Program News Release
08/16/2004 FACTA Notices Letter to Regulators
08/12/2004 FACT Act Affiliate Marketing Rule Letter to Regulators
07/16/2004 Furnishing Credit Reports Letter to Regulators
05/28/2004 ICBA Urges OCC to Renew Lending Limit Program WWR
05/28/2004 Fair Credit Reporting Medical Information Regulations Letter to Regulators
05/26/2004 ICBA Urges OCC to Renew Pilot Program News Release
05/24/2004 OCC Lending Limits Pilot Program Letter to Regulators
04/30/2004 OCC Proposes To Extend Lending Limit Pilot WWR
04/30/2004 Fed Updates Reg Z WWR
02/13/2004 Effective Dates for FACT Act Established WWR
01/30/2004 "Clear & Conspicuous Disclosures" Letter to Regulators
01/16/2004 ICBA Raises Concerns About FACT Act Effective Dates WWR
01/09/2004 Effective Dates for the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactons (FACT) Act of 2003 Letter to Regulators
12/12/2003 FCRA Reauthorization: Some Key Facts About the FACT Act WWR
12/04/2003 ICBA Officials Attend White House Signing of Key Credit Reporting Bill News Release
11/14/2003 ICBA Spells Out Position on FCRA Bill News Release
11/07/2003 Senate Passes FCRA Bill; Issue Heads to Conference WWR
10/06/2003 Bank Activities and Operations; Real Estate Lending and Appraisals; Preemption of State Laws Letter to Regulators
09/12/2003 Comptroller Responds to Critics of Preemption WWR
06/12/2003 The Role of FCRA in the Credit Granting Process Testimony
Soldier's and Sailor's Civil Relief Act
ICBA/Freddie Mac Alliance

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