Articles & Press Releases

Title Publication Date
FHFA Shrinks Multifamily Lending Caps NewsWatch Today Article 11/22/17
Community Bank Earnings Rise 9.4 Percent NewsWatch Today Article 11/22/17
Yellen Leaving Fed Once Successor Sworn In NewsWatch Today Article 11/20/17
FDIC, OCC Leaders Advocate Community Bank Relief NewsWatch Today Article 11/20/17
Otting Confirmed as Comptroller of the Currency NewsWatch Today Article 11/17/17
ICBA Statement on Confirmation of Otting as Comptroller of the Currency Press Release 11/16/17
FDIC Teleconference Features Small-Biz Resources NewsWatch Today Article 11/16/17
Fed Approves New Fee Schedule for Reserve Bank Services NewsWatch Today Article 11/14/17
OCC Revises Booklet on Director Notifications NewsWatch Today Article 11/13/17
OCC Reissues Booklet on Subordinated Debt NewsWatch Today Article 11/09/17
OCC Issues Guidance on CRA Applications NewsWatch Today Article 11/09/17
ICBA Rebuts Noreika Speech on Banking and Commerce NewsWatch Today Article 11/09/17
ICBA Statement on Noreika Speech about Banking and Commerce Press Release 11/08/17
New York Fed’s Dudley Retiring Next Year NewsWatch Today Article 11/07/17
Quarles Sworn in as Fed Governor NewsWatch Today Article 11/07/17
Banks Ease Standards on C&I, Residential Real Estate NewsWatch Today Article 11/07/17
Fed’s Powell Nominated for Fed Chairman NewsWatch Today Article 11/03/17
ICBA Statement on Nomination of Jerome Powell for Fed Chairman Press Release 11/02/17
OCC Updates Bank Enforcement Action Policies NewsWatch Today Article 11/01/17
FDIC Issues Appraisal Exceptions for Disaster Areas NewsWatch Today Article 10/27/17
In Reversal, FHFA Adds Preferred-Language Question to Loan Form NewsWatch Today Article 10/23/17
FDIC Appoints New CIO NewsWatch Today Article 10/20/17
Acting Comptroller Defends Fintech Charter Authority NewsWatch Today Article 10/20/17
ICBA: Allow Fannie, Freddie to Rebuild Capital NewsWatch Today Article 10/20/17
ICBA and NAFCU Urge Watt on Fannie, Freddie Capital Buffers Press Release 10/19/17
SoFi Bank Withdraws FDIC Application NewsWatch Today Article 10/17/17
ICBA Statement on SoFi Bank’s FDIC Application Withdrawal Press Release 10/16/17
OCC Releases Updated List of Permissible Activities NewsWatch Today Article 10/16/17
OCC Outlines CRA Policy in New Manual NewsWatch Today Article 10/16/17
Hoenig: Deposit Insurance Invites Abuse NewsWatch Today Article 10/12/17
ICBA Urges FDIC to Deny Square Application NewsWatch Today Article 10/11/17
ICBA Urges FDIC to Deny Square Application Press Release 10/10/17
Comptroller Discusses CFPB Spat Over Arbitration Rule NewsWatch Today Article 10/06/17
Senate Approves Quarles for Fed NewsWatch Today Article 10/06/17
OCC Rescinds Deposit Advance Product Guidance NewsWatch Today Article 10/06/17
Yellen Kicks Off Community Banking Research Conference NewsWatch Today Article 10/05/17
ICBA Statement on Testimony from FHFA Director Mel Watt Press Release 10/03/17
GSEs, Wells, Equifax in Focus This Week NewsWatch Today Article 10/03/17
OCC: Mortgage Performance Continues to Improve NewsWatch Today Article 10/02/17
OCC’s Noreika: Fintech Part of Banking Evolution NewsWatch Today Article 09/26/17
ICBA: Target Overtime Pay to Regional Conditions NewsWatch Today Article 09/26/17
ICBA: Impose Deposit Insurance Moratorium for ILC Charters NewsWatch Today Article 09/15/17
ICBA: Impose a Two-Year Moratorium on Deposit Insurance for ILC Charters Press Release 09/14/17
ICBA Urges Congress to Scrutinize OCC Fintech Plan NewsWatch Today Article 09/13/17
ICBA Reflects on Anniversary of GSE Conservatorship Press Release 09/06/17
FHFA Director Appoints New Deputy for FHLB Regulation Division NewsWatch Today Article 08/10/17
Fed Issues Guidelines on Joint Account Requests NewsWatch Today Article 08/10/17
Stress Test Reveals GSEs May Require $100 Billion in Future Bailout Funds NewsWatch Today Article 08/09/17
Financial Services Groups Send Joint Letter to Fed on Proposed Revision to Regulation CC NewsWatch Today Article 08/03/17
ICBA Gives FHFA Input on Improving Language Access for Borrowers With LEP NewsWatch Today Article 08/02/17
ICBA Endorses OCC, Fed Nominations NewsWatch Today Article 07/26/17
ICBA Supports Fed’s Faster Payments Recommendations Press Release 07/21/17
ICBA Comment on SoFi Bank FDIC Application Press Release 07/18/17
OCC: It’s Risky Out There NewsWatch Today Article 07/10/17
Fed Announces New General Counsel NewsWatch Today Article 07/07/17
Fed’s Powell Makes Case for Acting Now on Housing Reform NewsWatch Today Article 07/07/17
OCC Mutual Group Meeting This Month NewsWatch Today Article 07/05/17
Fed Debates Launch of Balance Sheet Rollback: Minutes NewsWatch Today Article 07/05/17
OCC Appoints New Members to Minority Advisory Committee NewsWatch Today Article 06/30/17
FHFA Extends Comment Period on Language Access NewsWatch Today Article 06/30/17
Fed’s Fischer: Unregulated Firms Continue Posing Risks NewsWatch Today Article 06/28/17
Acting Comptroller: Time to Take Stock of Banking Regs NewsWatch Today Article 06/28/17
ICBA Seeks Comment Extension on Language Access NewsWatch Today Article 06/28/17
Agencies Propose Additional Call Report Revisions NewsWatch Today Article 06/23/17
Regulators Facing Senate Questions on Relief Efforts NewsWatch Today Article 06/22/17
Trump to Nominate James Clinger for FDIC Chairman NewsWatch Today Article 06/20/17
FDIC Appoints New Ombudsman NewsWatch Today Article 06/19/17
ICBA Joins FDIC Roundtable on Ag Industry NewsWatch Today Article 06/08/17
OCC Revises Charter-Termination Booklet NewsWatch Today Article 06/07/17
Trump Plans Otting Nomination for Comptroller NewsWatch Today Article 06/07/17
Fed’s Powell: Balance Sheet to Plummet in Coming Years NewsWatch Today Article 06/02/17
Fed Amends Rules on Check Collection, Return NewsWatch Today Article 06/01/17
OCC Extends Notice for CRA Evaluations NewsWatch Today Article 06/01/17
Brainard: Rate Hikes to Continue, But Soft Inflation Poses Risk NewsWatch Today Article 05/31/17
ICBA Supports Bill Expanding Holding Company Relief NewsWatch Today Article 05/31/17
ICBA Supports Hatch-King-Nelson Bill Promoting Community Bank Capital Press Release 05/30/17
ICBA Statement on Remarks from FDIC Vice Chairman Thomas M. Hoenig Press Release 05/12/17
ICBA Statement on Testimony from FHFA Director Mel Watt Press Release 05/11/17
ICBA Thanks OCC’s Curry for Service NewsWatch Today Article 05/04/17
OCC’s Curry Stepping Down, Noreika to be Acting Comptroller NewsWatch Today Article 05/03/17
ICBA Statement on CSBS Lawsuit Against OCC Press Release 04/26/17
ICBA White Paper Lays Out Principles for Housing-Finance Reform Press Release 04/25/17
Small Businesses Still Most Satisfied with Community Banks NewsWatch Today Article 04/13/17
ICBA Urges OCC to Rescind Fintech Proposal Press Release 04/12/17
ICBA Meets with Treasury Officials on Pro-Growth Regulatory Relief Press Release 04/05/17
Another House Letter Keeps Pressure on Fintechs NewsWatch Today Article 03/16/17
OCC Proposes Licensing Changes to Accommodate Fintech Charter NewsWatch Today Article 03/15/17
ICBA: Let Fannie, Freddie Build Capital Press Release 02/17/17
ICBA Congratulates Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Press Release 02/14/17
Call Reports Due Monday, Jan. 30 NewsWatch Today Article 01/12/17
ICBA Expresses Grave Concerns About Proposed FinTech Federal Charter NewsWatch Today Article 12/02/16
ICBA Proposal Offers Safe, Ubiquitous Path to Faster Payments Press Release 10/06/16
ICBA Testifies in Support of Bills Improving Regulatory Treatment of Community Bank Deposits Press Release 09/27/16
ICBA Encouraged by Proposal to Streamline Call Report Press Release 08/05/16
ICBA Statement on FHA Property Assessed Clean Energy Policy Press Release 07/20/16
ICBA to OCC: FinTech Response Requires Level Playing Field Press Release 06/01/16
ICBA Statement on New FDIC De Novo Policy Press Release 04/06/16
ICBA Statement on Today’s FDIC Board Meeting Press Release 01/21/16
FHFA Drops ICBA-Opposed Asset Test from FHLBank Rule Press Release 01/12/16
Community Bank Successes Provide Year of Progress CEO Alert 12/07/15
ICBA Statement on Highway Bill Conference Report Press Release 12/01/15
ICBA Supports House Passage of Pro-Community Bank Amendments Press Release 11/05/15
ICBA Statement on Freddie Mac Third-Quarter Loss Press Release 11/03/15
ICBA Statement on FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund Proposed Rule Press Release 10/22/15
Committee Advances ICBA-Advocated Regulatory Relief Bills Press Release 10/01/15
ICBA Supports Fed Adoption of Same-Day ACH Press Release 09/23/15
ICBA Encouraged by Proposed Call Report Relief Press Release 09/08/15
ICBA Statement on FDIC Deposit Insurance Proposal Press Release 06/16/15
ICBA Statement to Federal Regulators: “No Bank Should be Too Big to Fail nor Too Big to Jail” Press Release 06/01/15
ICBA Statement Regarding Regulator Comments on Call Report Reform Press Release 04/23/15
ICBA Backs Dallas Fed President’s Proposals to Reform Fed Press Release 02/13/15
ICBA Congratulates New Members of FDIC Advisory Committee on Community Banking Press Release 02/12/15
Success Is Sweet, But Continued Success Is Even Sweeter CEO Alert 02/11/15
ICBA Urges FHFA to Withdraw Plan to Restrict Access to Federal Home Loan Banks Press Release 01/07/15

Letters to Congress

Title Recipient Date
Senators Crapo and Brown
Representative Neugebauer
Senators McConnell and Reid and Representatives Boehner and Pelosi
Representatives Hensarling and Waters
Representatives Boehner and Pelosi
Representatives Boehner, Pelosi, McCarthy and Hoyer
Senators Inhofe and Boxer
House Financial Services and Senate Banking Committees
Senators Johnson and Crapo
Representative Capuano
Representative Waters

Letters to Regulators

Title Recipient Date
FDIC, Federal Reserve and OCC
FDIC, Federal Reserve, OCC, Department of Treasury
OCC, Federal Reserve, and FDIC
Federal Reserve
FDIC, Federal Reserve and OCC
Federal Housing Finance Agency
Federal Housing Finance Agency
Federal Reserve
Federal Housing Finance Agency
CFPB, FDIC, Federal Reserve, NCUA and OCC
OCC, Federal Reserve, and FDIC


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