Direct Issuing Option

A direct issuing option is available to those looking to maintain complete control over their bank’s credit portfolio (including pricing, underwriting and collections), and is offered by TCM Bank’s parent company, ICBA Bancard.

In addition to round-the-clock, direct credit issuing program benefits such as 24/7 cardholder customer service, chargeback processing, managed rewards programs, client bulletins, plastics and PIN mailers, online cardholder access, and more, credit programs offered through ICBA Bancard benefit from added support that includes:

  • Preferred pricing
  • Visa/Mastercard sponsorships
  • Exclusive Fraud Loss Protection Plan
  • No-cost travel accident insurance
  • Education (webinars, publications, regional card education seminars)
  • Turnkey cardholder campaigns and promotions for your customers
  • Support for emerging products (digital wallets, EMV cards, contactless, etc.)...and much more!

Explore the benefits of ICBA Bancard's Direct Credit Issuing programs with these partners: