TCM Agent Program

What is a TCM agent program?

TCM Bank's Total Card Management agent program provides a way for community banks to generate non-interest revenue from their own branded consumer and business credit cards without all the risk.

  1. Portfolio Purchasing: TCM Bank is the only purchaser of credit card portfolios dedicated to helping you, not competing with you. If we purchase your portfolio, you can continue providing branded cards without losing control of your customer base.

  2. Start-Up Portfolio: If you don’t currently offer credit cards, we can help you start. You’ll gain a profitable new revenue stream without the usual risk and costs of running a credit card program.

No Risk Plan

 New account incentive  ✔ 
 Revenue share  ✔
 Zero liability for credit and fraud losses  ✔
 Consumer and business cards  ✔
 Digital payments  ✔
 Turnkey marketing  ✔
 Compliance relief  ✔

The TCM Bank difference

The TCM agent program offers a market competitive product suite, custom marketing, digital payments, online applications, and much more. In addition, you’ll have the support of a dedicated client relations team, staff training and promotions to help grow your program.

For more information about partnering with TCM Bank, please call (866) 861-7669 or e-mail us.