About TCM Bank, N.A.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to support ICBA, Community Banks, our Agents and our Customers by providing the most satisfying credit card related services ever.

Our Diversity Statement

TCM Bank strives to promote a diverse and inclusive environment that respectfully embraces the talents and individuality of all employees. Diversity, collaboration, and inclusion is what makes us powerful. Together we champion the growth and success of every individual in the communities we serve.  WE bank differently, because WE are different.


A partner in building customer relationships

TCM Bank, N.A., a subsidiary of ICBA Bancard, serves as a trusted advisor to community banks, helping them build and strengthen customer relationships with fully branded consumer and business credit card programs. TCM’s services include portfolio acquisition, product development and agent bank sponsorship choices.

Like our parent organization, ICBA Bancard, TCM Bank is committed to Main Street America. We base our operations in the U.S., including our Customer Contact Center. We believe the cardholders we serve are first and foremost our agent banks’ customers. Our priority is making sure our customers receive the same personal attention they get when they walk into a community bank branch. Plus, we do not cross-sell banking or retail products to our agents’ customers. TCM’s only product is credit cards.  

In addition, a portion of our profits go back into programs that benefit our community banks. This is what sets TCM Bank apart from the other agent programs in the marketplace.

How we provide value to agent banks

Through our Total Card Management® program, we help community banks improve their market positioning with a competitive product suite while limiting their exposure to risk and expense. We have the ability to service large and small community banks with a customizable and flexible credit card program. 
  • Consumer and business card products
  • Reward programs
  • No risk and zero liability
  • Turnkey marketing
  • Custom branding
  • Training and education
  • Compliance support
  • In-house customer service

With community banks’ risk tolerance and market position in mind, TCM Bank can also provide an objective assessment of your credit card portfolio with recommendations to improve bankers’ bottom line.

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TCM Bank History

In the 1990s, increasing competition forced community banks to consider their credit card options. While many banks were interested in offering credit card products, some did not have the resources to succeed as direct issuers. Others were committed to credit card issuing, but needed expertise to maximize their business and portfolio development. In 1998, ICBA Bancard addressed this need by founding TCM Bank, N.A. and developing the Total Card Management® agent credit card solution.

TCM=Total Card Management

TCM Bank has been in business for over 23 years. Our goal remains the same - support relationship banking by treating our clients and customers with the same level of personal and professional service that community banks deliver each and every day. 

We are now partnered with over 800 financial institutions across the United States, and proud to meet the credit card needs of more than 320,000 customers.


Annual Reports

Please email us if you are a prospective client and would like to request a copy of our annual reports.