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#TBTF Twitter Action Center

The voices on social media have been gathering steam on the too big to fail issue, and we need your help to pass the message along! The Twitter Action Center on Too-Big-To-Fail is dedicated to providing relevant tweets in a pre-populated format. You may also tweet your own thoughts using the hashtag #TBTF. To keep up with the latest, follow us @ICBA and make sure to mention us so we can see and reshare your tweets.

How to: Pick a tweet you would like to use and then click "Tweet this!" The message will be pre-populated in a pop-up box from Twitter (note: you must be signed in). Then hit "Tweet" and you’re done!

News Articles

Tweet this! — Too-Big-To-Jail Dogs Justice Dept As Government Documents Raise Questions http://huff.to/13MnNpf  via @HuffPostPol @Nasiripour #TBTF

Tweet this! — Rogue banks remain too big to fail: Our view http://usat.ly/18WesNU  via @USATODAY #TBTF

Tweet this! — Andy Haldane of @BankofEngland Praises Brown/Vitter Bill To End '#TooBigtoFail' http://huff.to/17BKWxZ  via @HuffPostBiz @Nasiripour #TBTF

Tweet this! — Fed Ready to Raise Capital Standards If #TBTF Remains Unsolved http://ow.ly/l3q7P  via @AmerBanker @DonnaBorak

Tweet this! — Bernanke: '#TooBigToFail' Must End http://fxn.ws/11Yg18Q  via @foxbusiness @DunstanPrial #TBTF

Tweet this! — Fed's Lacker again urges more U.S. work on #toobigtofail banks http://reut.rs/12ZkHdO  via @reuters cc: @RichmondFed #TBTF

Tweet this! — Pres/CEO @Cam_Fine on y #TBTF must end & how S. 798 wld help on @Smerconish's POTUS http://ow.ly/l3d7C  @SenSherrodBrown @DavidVitter

Tweet this! — Fed's #Plosser adds voice to #toobigtofail criticisms http://reut.rs/10Ikfir  via @Reuters @jonathanspicer cc: @PhiladelphiaFed #TBTF

Tweet this! — Fixing 'Too Big To Tolerate' Banks http://onforb.es/11yHrqI  via @Forbes #TBTF

Tweet this! — Too much bigger to fail http://ow.ly/kZyf4  via @RSVLCourier #TBTF

Tweet this! — RT @bankthink: Brown-Vitter Capital Standard Trumps Risk-Based System: http://bit.ly/128E6tx  by Christopher Cole of the @ICBA #TBTF

Tweet this! — From the Desk of President & CEO @Cam_Fine: Counter #WallStreet Spin on #TBTF Act http://ow.ly/kZhS

Tweet this! — Can two senators end ‘#toobigtofail’? http://wapo.st/10wYD9N  via @washingtonpost cc: @DavidVitter @SenSherrodBrown @WALoving #TBTF

Tweet this! — Read & retweet @Cam_Fine's latest blog: #WallStreet Lobbylists And #Cicadas http://ow.ly/kSr3Q #TBTF

Tweet this! — Fed's Bullard on the 'Simple' Solution to End #TBTF http://ow.ly/kROBM via @AmerBanker @BarbRehm cc: @stlouisfed

Tweet this! — Op-Ed by @SenSherrodBrown: Ending taxpayer bailouts & supporting community banks http://ow.ly/kPaIs via @ClermontSun #TBTF

Tweet this! — Read & retweet @Cam_Fine's latest blog: Surprise, they're at it again http://ow.ly/kNWRy #TBTF

Tweet this! — Op-Ed by @Cam_Fine: New Regulations Are Strangling Community Banks http://bloom.bg/12RD4kU via @BloombergView #TBTF

Tweet this! — A New Fed Thought for '#TooBigtoFail' Banks: Shrink Them http://nyti.ms/16zMmIO via @NYTimes @PeterEavis #TBTF

Tweet this! — Is Your Money Safe in a '#TooBigtoFail' Bank? http://ow.ly/kNRGK via @USNews @EconomicIntel #TBTF

Tweet this! — "Cause and Manifold Effects" discussed in @Cam_Fine's recent #IBMag Fine Points column http://ow.ly/kN2MT #TBTF

Tweet this! — Chairman @WALoving challenges all community bankers to "fight for what's right" http://ow.ly/kLsfi #IBMag #TBTF

Tweet this! — May's #IBMag cover stry kicks off 2-part series, reg & leg policy landscape for eliminating #toobigtofail http://ow.ly/kLrx6 #TBTF

Tweet this! — "ICBA has come out swinging on #TBTF Act"- @KateDavidson writes in @POLITICOPro http://ow.ly/kDKos

Tweet this! — The Case for Megabanks Fails http://nyti.ms/ZoSD2A via @NYTEconomix @BaselineScene #TBTF

Tweet this! — #TooBigtoFail Takes Another Body Blow http://rol.st/17xOHSl via @rollingstone @mtaibbi #TBTF

Tweet this! — In Brown-Vitter Bill, a Banking Overhaul With Possible Teeth http://nyti.ms/12mVpGc via @NYTimes @EisingerJ #TBTF

Tweet this! — Finance: Out to break the [#TBTF] banks http://on.ft.com/12Yi0N8 via @FT @Nasiripour @TBraithwaite

Tweet this! — Column: The Winds Have Shifted Against Mega-Banks http://ow.ly/kzfl3 by @BaselineScene #TBTF

Tweet this! — Read & Retweet @Cam_Fine's blog: #MainStreet Heroes http://ow.ly/kz4am cc: @SenSherrodBrown @DavidVitter @SenatorSessions #TBTF

Tweet this! — Most Banks Could Still Profit Under Tough New Overhaul Proposal http://nyti.ms/1558HhW via @NYTimes @PeterEavis #TBTF

Tweet this! — Banks Have Become “#TooBigToFail” Again. Uh-Oh. http://ow.ly/kAeyK via @slate @BaselineScene #TBTF

Tweet this! — Brown-Vitter banking bill aims to address an unhealthy #TBTF situation http://wapo.st/12SR5SK via @washingtonpost

Tweet this! — Brown-Vitter Rearranges Financial-Reform Battlefield http://bloom.bg/12Fk3Et via @BloombergView @BaselineScene #TBTF

Tweet this! — Trying to Slam the Bailout Door http://nyti.ms/11NqkwK via @NYTimes #TBTF

Tweet this! — Why the Brown-Vitter Bill Matters — Even if It Doesn't Pass http://ow.ly/kxBcF via @AmerBanker @ABWashBureau #TBTF

Tweet this! — New bill would crack down on megabanks http://ow.ly/kxJxy via @Bankrate @ClaesBell #TBTF

Tweet this! — #TooBigToFail Banks Threaten #Economy AGAIN, US Regulators Say http://huff.to/17luvTE via @Nasiripour @HuffPostBiz #FSOC #TBTF

Tweet this! — Sen @DavidVitter @SenSherrodBrown Seek to Shrink Banks or Increase Their Capital Buffers http://on.wsj.com/10dQh5s via @WSJ @CritterDJ #TBTF

Tweet this! — @SenSherrodBrown & @DavidVitter Unveil Proposal to Curb Megabank Risk via @Slate @mattyglesias http://ow.ly/koiTO #TBTF

Tweet this! — Make #WallSt Choose: Go Small or Go Home http://nyti.ms/17Wd25F via @NYTimes

Tweet this! — Sen @DavidVitter lays out capital requirements in '#TooBigToFail' bill http://ow.ly/knNm4 via @AmerBanker @VictoriaFinkle

Tweet this! — Surprise! Big Banks Love Regulation http://ow.ly/kbMgc via @AmerBanker @BankThink #TBTF

Tweet this! — Small Banks Will Benefit From Big-Bank Breakup http://ow.ly/kaf09 @BankThink op-ed from @WALoving #TBTF

Tweet this! — Regulators Must Stay the Course on 'Too Big to Fail': @FederalReserve's Stein http://ow.ly/ka3wZ via @AmerBanker @DonnaBorak #TBTF

Notable Quotes

Tweet this! — The bigger & more complex #TBTF get: harder to manage & more likely to stumble=need another bailout #viciouscycle http://ow.ly/lhXF7

Tweet this! — #TooBigToFail distorts free markts, incentivizes risky behvr & holds taxpyrs hostge 2 bailouts- @Cam_Fine More: http://ow.ly/lhWf1  #TBTF

Tweet this! — If #Congress is seris abt ending #toobigtofail, 15% solution is the bold move that wld do the trick- @USAToday http://ow.ly/lcWSH  #TBTF

Tweet this! — Offcl sector shld continuously assess whether the fin'l system has adequate capital insurance to deal w/#TBTF-Haldane http://ow.ly/l8mjS

Tweet this! — Too often, when #WallStreet sneezes, #MainStreet catches pneumonia. Somtms it's fatal- @JohnBuhr in @AmerBanker http://ow.ly/l5XUt  #TBTF

Tweet this! — Fact that #Congress is eyeballing megabanks' captl shld be no surprise to #WallStreet or anyone else-@JohnBuhr http://ow.ly/l5Xxc #TBTF

Tweet this! — It’s very important for the long-term stability of our financial system to eliminate #toobigtofail- Bernanke http://ow.ly/l3cwc  #TBTF

Tweet this! — US falling short in ending #toobigtofail banks & shld req higher capital- @PhiladelphiaFed's #Plosser in @Reuters http://ow.ly/l1SZA

Tweet this! — "All community bankers, state trade groups should tell Senators to support Brown/Vitter S. 798" -@Cam_Fine http://ow.ly/kZi1x  #TBTF

Tweet this! — Let’s make sure free markets detrmne success or failure, not some Washington bureaucrat or American taxpayer http://ow.ly/kNX15 #TBTF

Tweet this! — [Community banks] deserve a chance to compete on a level playing field - @SenSherrodBrown http://ow.ly/kPd0a #TBTF

Tweet this! — Small banks r able to step up again, once we remove excessive subsidies from their #TBTF competitors- @BaselineScene http://ow.ly/kDSEs

Tweet this! — "ICBA has come out swinging on #TBTF Act"- @KateDavidson writes in @POLITICOPro http://ow.ly/kDKos

Tweet this! — ICBA rally cry: Put capital back into capitalism, get taxpayer out, end taxpayerism. End #TBTF 2day, regain free markets tmrrw!- @Cam_Fine

Tweet this! — We urge all senators to stand w/ #MainStreet America & support S. 798- @Cam_Fine http://ow.ly/kz4uf #TBTF

Tweet this! — #TBTF Act is a smart, simple & tough piece of work, protect taxpayers from costly rescues in the future http://ow.ly/kxO7n

Tweet this! — US economy wasn’t built on #TBTF megabanks & there is no good reason to cont accepting risks they pose -@TerryJorde http://ow.ly/kwQM6

Tweet this! — [Under Brown/Vitter bill], community banks wld be operating on more level playing field w/ the jumbo #TBTF banks http://ow.ly/kxOKG

Tweet this! — There is no market at work here, just a hugely unfair & inefficient government-subsidy scheme -@TerryJorde on %23TBTF http://ow.ly/kwQkw

Tweet this! — SEVP @TerryJorde made clear that small banks r being undermined by reckless behavior of #TBTF megabanks http://ow.ly/kwPLC

Tweet this! — Wat's nt to like #TBTF S.798 if u're a cmmnty bnker? It kills B3, gves regrelief & makes mega banks capitalize their own risk!- @Cam_Fine

Tweet this! — Support Brown/Vitter S.798 today for free markets tomorrow. Put capital back in the word capitalist - and get taxpayers out- @Cam_Fine

Tweet this! — We appld @SenSherrodBrown & @DavidVitter 4 advancing debate 2 brng balnce bck to fin svcs marktplce- @WALoving http://ow.ly/koj4E #TBTF

Tweet this! — We must stand together as one to break up the #TBTF stranglehold & ensure a future for #MainStreet - @WALoving http://ow.ly/kaeSp

Tweet this! — Only by actually downsizing & restructuring #TBTF can we eliminate unfair competitive advantages- @WALoving http://ow.ly/kaer4

Tweet this! — #TBTF subsidy provides an enormous competitive advantage to largest & most complex financial firms-@FDICgov Hoenig http://ow.ly/keGe3

Tweet this! — Addressing #TBTF threat helps free community banks from oppressive reg environment we face every day- @WALoving http://ow.ly/kaebc

Tweet this! — Community bankers shld be more worried abt what will happen to industry if we don't act [on #TBTF]- @WALoving http://ow.ly/kacHZ

Tweet this! — #TBTF prdces competitive distortions that r unfair to smaller institutions-@FederalReserve Alvarez @FinancialCmte http://ow.ly/ka47v


Tweet this! — [REPORT] Why #TooBigToFail Must End released today http://ow.ly/lhtOl  #TBTF

Tweet this! — Tweet the "End #TBTF, Support S 798" msg to your member of Congress w/our #Twitter map http://ow.ly/kN5lc

Tweet this! — [INFOGRAPHIC] Check out #IBMag’s May By the Numbers graphic on #toobigtofail megabanks http://ow.ly/i/23EW9 #TBTF

Tweet this! — Check out @ICBA’s #toobigtofail hotline & FAQs resources: http://ow.ly/kBmdY #TBTF

Tweet this! — Want to learn more about "End #TooBigToFail"? Check it out here: http://ow.ly/kwR9K #TBTF

Tweet this! — ICBA Ad: Stop #toobigtofail before it cracks our economy again http://ow.ly/i/1Ynbi Check out #TBTF website: http://www.icba.org/tbtf

Tweet this! — [VIDEO] End too-big-to-fail, support free markets http://youtu.be/B4NtB-aU2v0 #TBTF

Press Releases

Tweet this! — ICBA supports passage of #TBTF legislation to end market distortion & bring back truly free markets http://bit.ly/11kRUAQ

Tweet this! — ICBA lauds @SenSherrodBrown-@DavidVitter legislation taking on #TooBigToFail http://ow.ly/kDZ56 #TBTF


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