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Digital payments are not only a reality, they are an increasingly critical product in the retention and growth of consumer and business relationships with a bank.

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Prepare Your Digital Payments Strategy

Digital payments are not just a reality but an increasingly critical product in the retention and growth of consumer and small business relationships with banks.

And while digital payments can add a great deal to a bank’s overall value proposition, they can also attract and retain new customers. These assessment tools can help you formulate the best strategy for your community bank.

Put your Small Business Digital Payments Strategy to the Test

ICBA Bancard Digital Payments Strategy Guide – Small Business edition is the second interactive tool, designed in partnership with Aite Group, that helps community banks create a custom digital payments strategy for their small business customers.

Answering these questions will help identify where your institution lies in its small business payments maturity—developing, emerging, strategic, or market leading—and create a realistic roadmap with actionable steps to capture the small business market for your bank.

This tool is exclusively available to all ICBA Bancard clients for the next 60 days. 

What You Need to Take the Assessment

  • Your bank’s asset size
  • Approximate number of small-business customers (defined as those having less than $10 million in annual revenue)
  • General knowledge of business payment products offered
  • General knowledge of your bank’s appetite to invest in digital payments

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Get Your Consumer Payments Strategy on Track

ICBA Bancard Digital Payments Strategy Guide is a unique interactive tool, designed in partnership with Aite Group, that helps community banks create a custom digital payments strategy for their consumer customers.

As community banks evolve to meet their customers’ diverse payments needs, a payments strategy can help align disparate initiatives—creating a roadmap that feeds into a bank’s strategic plan and expedites its execution.

What You Need to Take the Assessment

  • General knowledge of your bank’s consumer age demographics for existing and new accounts.
  • Understanding of how consumers interact with your bank (e.g. transactions performed within each channel: online, in-branch, call center etc.)
  • General knowledge of consumer payment products offered
  • How consumer payments revenue impacts your bank's income (income from consumer transactions divided by total revenue for the month)
    Your bank’s appetite to invest in digital payments
  • Number of consumer customers, branches and ATMs (onsite and offsite)
  • General knowledge of payments service providers, including security and compliance providers
  • Understanding of how data is collected and reported for consumer payments products. Can be found through monthly reports provided by your vendors or generated internally.
  • Your bank’s asset size.

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ICBA Bancard Digital Payments Strategy Guide, produced by Aite Group, provides a market overview of the digital payments landscape.

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This tool will help strengthen your digital payments strategy. Its results will help plan a profitable and sustainable strategy.


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Feb 20, 2020
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New Driver of Payments Growth: Fed Study Shows Debit Transactions As Opportunity for Community Banks

Jan 22, 2020
The latest iteration of the Fed’s triennial study showed that in 2018, noncash payments¹ amounted to $97 trillion, with transaction volume reaching more than 174 billion. That kind of market opens new opportunities for community banks.

Same Day ACH: A Viable Faster Payments Solution for Community Banks

Dec 16, 2019
In 2018, Same Day ACH volume reached 178 million transactions, an increase of 137 percent over the previous year. As a readily available faster payments option, and one that many community banks are familiar with, Same Day ACH serves as a practical and immediate option to support your bank.

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